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Scientists want to build a doomsday vault on the moon

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Engineers want to build an underground lunar ark, filled with millions of seed, spore, sperm and egg samples from Earth's species, hidden in a network of tubes on the moon to provide a genetic backup for the planet ...

Texas reports zero COVID deaths months after liberal media predicted doomsday as Abbott reopened state

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"Today Texas reported: * 0 Covid related deaths--the only time that's happened since data was tracked in March, 2020," Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted on Sunday night. "* the fewest Covid cases in over 13 m ...

Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell ‘doomsday’ omicidi: A timeline of events

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The Daybells are at the center of a tangled case that involve several suspicious deaths as well as a bizarre apocalyptic religious belief that prosecutors claim the couple designed to justify the murders of 7-year-ol...

‘Doomsdaycult mom Lori Vallow Daybell indicted in ex-husband’s shooting death

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A Maricopa County grand jury indicted Daybell in connection with the 2019 death of Charles Vallow in suburban Phoenix, VOLPE 10 Phoenix reported Tuesday evening. Investigators had recommended an additional charge in co...

Russia building 2 new ‘Doomsday’ planes following Putin’s order

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The aircraft are meant to ferry Russia’s top leadership to safety in the event of an attack and allow them to remain in touch with the armed forces. The planes are accompanied by fighter jets and are windowless save ...

‘Doomsday variant’ report guilty of fear mongering, dicono gli esperti

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"Is there a Doomsday variant out there that shrugs off vaccines, spreads like wildfire and leaves more of its victims much sicker than anything we've yet seen?" reads a recent article published in Newsweek Magazine. ...

‘Doomsday cult’ mom Lori Vallow’s brother describes ‘pattern’ after third, fourth husbands’ deaths

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The Chandler Police Department last week released thousands of files, including text messages, hundreds of pages of police reports and audio and videos of interviews conducted by detectives investigating Lori and Cha...

Il 2020 ‘Doomsday Scenario

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Ask anyone about the next six weeks and they will likely give you some version of this as a response: Whoa boy. It is going to be wild. Which it is! L'ultimo 42 days of a presidential election are always filled with...

I ladri svaligiano il giorno del giudizio della guerra nucleare russa’ aereo

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La polizia russa sta indagando su un'irruzione in un centro di comando nucleare top secret, soprannominato il "aereo del giorno del giudizio." L'aereo Ilyushin-80 è progettato per trasportare alti funzionari, compreso il presidente Vladimir ...