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Tropical cyclones in Asia could have double the destructive power by the end of century, studie bevind

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Tropical cyclones in Asia could have double the destructive power by the end of the century, volgens nuwe navorsing, as scientists say the human-made climate crisis is already making them stronger. Using data fr...

England scores double digits to thrash world’s lowest-ranked team San Marino

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There's David against Goliath, and then there's this. San Marino, officially the lowest-ranked football nation in the world, was thrashed 10-0 by a ruthless England side in a World Cup qualifying match on Monday. ...

See who ‘Dancing With the Starssent home on a double elimination night

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"Dans met die sterre" paid tribute to Janet Jackson this week, and featured a double elimination and one judge's save. The legendary singer called in for a video chat with host Tyra Banks, telling her, "I think i...

Maryland’s most populous county told students there is a ‘double pandemicof COVID and racism

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The documents come amid intense debate about critical race theory (CRT) in schools, after Virginia Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin won the 2021 governor's race on a platform banning CRT. Many parents have opposed...

New York Knicks defeat Boston Celtics in double overtime despite Jaylen Brown’s 46 punte

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The New York Knicks edged past the Boston Celtics with a thrilling 138-134 double-overtime victory at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday. Julius Randle and Evan Fournier led the way for the Knicks, with Randle scori...

Kayleigh McEnany: Borskanker en ek - waarom ek gekies het om 'n voorkomende dubbele mastektomie te ondergaan

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"Each is the stroke of a brush on His beautiful canvas. Each is the light of one star helping to form a galaxy…" —Melissa in "I Still Believe" As hard as it was to take those first steps to the White House podium, Ek ...

‘Dancing With the Starshas a double elimination for Disney Week

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"Dans met die sterre" had a double elimination on Tuesday night. Brian Austin Green and Matt James were both sent home during the Disney-themed week, with Green and his pro partner Sharna Burgess coming in last ...

‘Dans met die sterre’ contestants Brian Austin Green, Matt James sent home in double elimination

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Tuesday night's episode of the dance competition series resulted in a double elimination after contestants Brian Austin Green and Matt James were sent home. The stars' departures took place following the show's "Disn...

Ingraham: Marine gestraf vir kommentaar in Afghanistan teenoor Milley se gebrek aan verantwoordelikheid toon 'dubbele standaard'’

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"Voor en na die verkiesing, hy huppel oor die opperbevelhebber om met sy Chinese eweknie te koördineer," het sy gesê "Die Ingraham-hoek," noem die twee gevalle a "blatante dubbele standaard." Milley tes ...

Eli Manning gooi dubbele voëls live op MNF terwyl sy genadelose arende onthou’ aanhangers

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Die voormalige quarterback van New York Giants het die gebaar gemaak tydens 'n regstreekse uitsending van die Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles-wedstryd om die meedoënloosheid van aanhangers in Philly te beskryf. ELI MANNING NAAK DAK PRESCOTT SE HIP TH ...

NC State hou vas in dubbele OT, verdoof nr. 9 Clemson 27-21

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Uiagagelei het Justyn Ross effens neergehaal naby die doellyn op vierde af om hierdie een te beëindig, stuur die Wolfpack van die kantlyn af in, onmiddellik gevolg deur rooi gekleurde waaiers wat op die veld na celebra stort..

Taliban name deputy ministers, double down on all-male team

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The international community has warned that it will judge the Taliban by their actions, and that recognition of a Taliban-led government would be linked to the treatment of women and minorities. In their previous ru...

Republicans double down on investigating Afghanistan withdrawal while Dems swerve to avoid blaming Biden

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken appeared at two heated hearings before the House and Senate foreign relations committees this week, during which he defended the actions of the Biden administration and its decision ...

Ohio runs double pass trick play for touchdown vs. Louisiana

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In the second quarter with about 2:30 om te speel, Bobcats quarterback Armani Rogers tossed the ball behind him to quarterback Kurtis Rourke who was lined up as a wide receiver and Rourke threw the ball to running back O...

Utah sheriff ‘activelyinvestigating possible connection between Petito disappearance and double homicide

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"The Sheriff’s Office is not ruling anything out at this time and appreciate the concerns of the public and their willingness to contact this office with those concerns and information," the Grand County Sheriff's Of...

Migrant numbers under Texas bridge double to 8,000+ in 24 ure: ‘Out of control

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Drone footage from Fox News shows the number of migrants under the bridge, who are just waiting to be apprehended by Border Patrol, has surged within a single day. DRONE FOOTAGE SHOWS THOUSANDS OF MIGRANTS UNDER BRI...

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