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Scherzer’s 9 K’s, Avila RBI double lift Nats past Cards 1-0

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Scherzer (1-1) afgetree 12 van sy laaste 13 batters, working in short sleeves as gusts of air topping 30 mph rippled his white jersey and sent napkins and other debris twirling around Nationals Park on a 50-degree late ...

Former DHS secretary calls out Biden admin’s double standard on COVID protocols for migrants

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MIGRANT CHILD CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK: WHISTLEBLOWERS SAY THEY WERE TOLD TO DOWNPLAY INFECTIONS AT FORT BLISS CHAD WOLF: What we’ve seen over the last six months is really two different standards, one for the American p...

Maryland’s most populous county told students there is a ‘double pandemicof COVID and racism

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The documents come amid intense debate about critical race theory (CRT) in schools, after Virginia Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin won the 2021 governor's race on a platform banning CRT. Many parents have opposed...

Restauranteienaar van Michigan klap 'skokkend’ dubbele standaard na Gov. Whitmer gaan maskerloos by die kroeg

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Praat verder "jakkals & Vriende" op Dinsdag, Mitch Spangler, die eienaar van Spangler's Family Restaurant in Michigan, gesê "dit was net skokkend dat die dubbele standaard selfs kon gebeur," daarop dat as Whitmer werklik ...

Lindor -magte weier, slaan twee lopies dubbel, Mets klop Nationals

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Die Mets het twee uit drie geneem en vir die eerste keer 'n reeks gewen sedert hulle die Nationals in 'n reeks van drie wedstryde ingepalm het.. 10-12. Josh Bell het twee tuislopies vir Washington behaal en Juan Soto het ook kontak gemaak. Dit was die enigste ...

Infamous British-Soviet double agent George Blake dies in Moscow

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The former British spy and Soviet secret agent George Blake has died in Moscow aged 98, according to Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti. "Books have been written about him, films have been made. In intelligen...

Murdaugh dubbele moorde: Oorlewende van die noodlottige bootongeluk beweer poging tot toesmeer in Suid-Carolina

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Connor Cook was aan boord van 'n boot wat deur Paul Murdaugh bestuur is toe dit in Februarie naby die Archers Creek Bridge naby Parris Island neergestort het. 2019, die 19-jarige passasier Mallory Beach oorboord te stuur. Sy is dood, another youn...

Ohio hardloop dubbelaangee-truukspel vir touchdown vs. Louisiana

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In die tweede kwartaal met ongeveer 2:30 om te speel, Bobcats se agterspeler Armani Rogers het die bal agter hom gegooi na die agterspeler Kurtis Rourke wat as 'n wye ontvanger opgestel was en Rourke het die bal na die agterspeler O. gegooi..

AZ parent slams school board for ‘double standardof hosting retirement party, canceling prom

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"Parents felt like the district just took a page out of the Marie Antoinette playbook there and said, ‘Let the seniors eat cake,’" Jennifer Alvey told "jakkals & Vriende-naweek" op Sondag. She noted that seniors wil...

Crawford back with 2-run double as Giants blank Dodgers 5-0

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Wilmer Flores, Austin Slater and LaMonte Wade Jr. also drove in runs for San Francisco, which extended its NL West lead over Los Angeles to three games. The Dodgers were shut out for just the third time this season. ...

See who ‘Dancing With the Starssent home on a double elimination night

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"Dans met die sterre" paid tribute to Janet Jackson this week, and featured a double elimination and one judge's save. The legendary singer called in for a video chat with host Tyra Banks, telling her, "I think i...

Molina’s double in 10th leads Cards past skidding D-backs

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Then came the 10th inning, and the St. Louis star still had the energy to rip a game-winning hit and lead the Cardinals to a 5-4 win Thursday night over the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have lost 11 straight games. "He’...

‘Ambush-styleattacks on law enforcement more than double compared to same timeframe in 2020: unie

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Vanaf Dinsdag, the National Fraternal Order of Police recorded 67 "ambush-style attacks" on officers year to date, met 83 officers wounded, insluitend 20 who did not survive. "What we're witnessing should alarm all ...

Double winter storms will bring snow and ice for New Year’s Eve

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Atlanta If you find yourself this New Year's Eve cozy on the couch in your pajamas, like so many Americans during this pandemic, it might be the best place to be. The weather won't be ideal for much of the country, m ...

KT McFarland on Cuba protests: Biden admin must double down on promoting democracy, not ‘shrink awayfrom it

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KT McFarland: The only people who like socialism and communism in the world today, they're in the United States Congress and I guess in the Biden administration. Why we would drop what America has stood for for decad...

Republicans double down on investigating Afghanistan withdrawal while Dems swerve to avoid blaming Biden

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken appeared at two heated hearings before the House and Senate foreign relations committees this week, during which he defended the actions of the Biden administration and its decision ...

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