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Jerry Douglas, patriarch John Abbott on ‘Young & the Restless,’ dood by 88

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Jerry Douglas, best known for his role as family patriarch John Abbott on the CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless," is oorlede. Hy was 88. Douglas was beloved on the soap as the chairman of Jabot Cosmetics, a ...

Kirk Douglas’ widow Anne Buydens dead at 102

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The longtime Hollywood staple, who presided over The Bryna Company and the Douglas Foundation until her death, died peacefully at her home in Beverly Hills, Kalifornië, representatives for the Douglas family told Fox New...

Douglas Murray slams pro-critical race theory support hinged on ‘shameand ’embarrassment

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DOUGLAS MURRAY: Nobody, ek dink, is against the idea of having an honest appraisal of history. The thing that a lot of people are now against, a lot of American parents, is that they're against the dishonest appraisa...

Thomas Jefferson statue’s removal from New York City Hall a ‘disgrace’: Douglas Murray

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NYC'S DE BLASIO BOOTING THOMAS JEFFERSON STATUE FROM CITY HALL DOUGLAS MURRAY: The whole tone, the whole story of America is being reframed under our feet. They are making us have to be defensive about Thomas Jeffers...

Anne Douglas, filantroop en weduwee van die akteur Kirk Douglas, sterf by 102

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Anne Douglas, weduwee van die ontslape legendariese Hollywood-akteur Kirk Douglas, sterf Donderdag in die ouderdom van 102, het haar familie gesê. "Dit is met groot hartseer dat die familie Douglas die afsterwe van hul matriarg aankondig, ...

Suzzanne Douglas, ‘The Parent ‘Hood’ ster, dood by 64

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Suzzanne Douglas, an accomplished stage and screen actress who starred "Tap" and the television series "The Parent 'Hood," is oorlede, her representative told CNN in a statement on Wednesday. Sy was 64. "The industry...

Douglas Murray scolds Biden and Democrats for politicizing deadly tornado to advance climate change agenda

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"Natural disasters now are used by Democrats and people on the climate left in particular as just another opportunity to push a particular political ideology," Murray told "Fox News Primetime" host Will Cain. GEBOD ...

'Kominsky-metode’ ster Kathleen Turner sê chemie met Michael Douglas was 'onmiddellik'’

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Hulle het eers saam in die 1984 aksie-avontuur "Romance the Stone" en herenig op die komende derde en laaste seisoen van "Die Kominsky-metode." Turner, 66, speel Roz, die non-nonsens eksvrou van Douglas,...

Douglas Murray responds to research saying civilization will end this Century: ‘Futurologyhas flawed history

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"Fox News Primetime" host Pete Hegseth reported on the research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, adding that similar conclusions had been drawn from a 1972 studeer. Murray, author of the "Madness of Crow...

Douglas Murray on school district’s ‘equity challenge’: ‘The opposite of the American dream’ boodskap

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MI SCHOOL DISTRICT SUGGESTS JOINING BLM PROTESTS, WARNS CALLING US ‘LAND OF OPPORTUNITY’ IS ‘MICROAGGRESSION’ DOUGLAS MURRAY: [Schoolchildren] are just going to have all of the potential that they have in life squee...

'Kominsky-metode’ star Michael Douglas admits he still gets ‘nervous’ op stel

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The 76-year-old actor, who won a Gloden Globe award in 2019 for the role, said that working with creator Chuck Lorre and the ensemble cast was "rewarding." He revealed what intrigued him about signing on a streaming ...

Michael Douglas says it was ‘uncomfortablesharing Mallorcan home with ex: ‘Not a pleasant thing for anyone’

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The 77-year-old actor split from Luker in 2000 na 22 huweliksjare. As part of their divorce, the two arranged a six-months on and off agreement for their 250-acre S'Estaca estate – just outside the village of...

Douglas Emhoff, Harris’ man, to join Georgetown Law faculty in January

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Douglas Emhoff, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris' husband, will become a member of Georgetown Law Faculty in January, the law school announced Thursday. Emhoff will serve as a Distinguished Visitor from Practice, ...

Douglas Murray: The left never wants to return to pre-COVID world

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The original recommendation was a 10-day isolation period for asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said the decision to change it to five days was driven by "human behavior" as people nee...

Trump het effektief op Facebook stilgemaak deur die voormalige Britse linkse leier: Douglas Murray

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MURRAY: Mark Zuckerberg het een van sy vise-presidente vir wêreldwye sake - Nick Clegg - uitgestuur, wat vandag aangekondig het dat 'ons glo dat Donald Trump se optrede 'n ernstige oortreding van ons reëls is wat die hoë verdienste verdien..

Douglas Murray: Anyone who sees Afghanistan as an American triumph is in ‘absolute la-la-land

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TALIBAN WARNS WOMEN TO STAY INDOORS, SAY THEIR FIGHTERS ARE NOT TRAINED TO RESPECT WOMEN DOUGLAS MURRAY: The White House press secretary told Fox News's White House correspondent yesterday that this was nothing but a...

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