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Michael Douglas en Catherine Zeta-Jones deel verjaarsdaghuldeblyke aan mekaar

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Zeta-Jones, 52, en Douglas, 77, deel dieselfde geboortedatum - Sept. 25. Douglas het 'n terugslagfoto van die egpaar gedeel. "My eerste aand ontmoeting Catherine by die Deauville Film Festival in 1998. Ek het uitgevind dat sy ...

Boris Johnson tried to ‘woo’ Biden with ‘asinineleftist rhetoric: Douglas Murray

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DOUGLAS MURRAY: Wel, he sounds a lot like absolutely every other world leader, ever since the leader of the World Economic Forum started using this phrase, ‘build back better’ every other world leader, in a rather s...

Douglas Emhoff, Harris’ man, to join Georgetown Law faculty in January

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Douglas Emhoff, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris' husband, will become a member of Georgetown Law Faculty in January, the law school announced Thursday. Emhoff will serve as a Distinguished Visitor from Practice, ...

Douglas County, Colorado, voters say COVID-19 protocols, critical race theory decisive factors in election

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"Parents need to be in charge of their children's education," Jim, of Castle Rock, aan Fox News gesê. "What's going on in our schools right now seems a lot more like indoctrination to me than education, and it's time for...

Congress needs to take action on illegal immigration said Yuma, Ariz. Mayor Douglas Nicholls

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"It’s a business to these traffickers, so when it’s a business that brings billions of dollars a year to them, you’re going to see them try to exploit every angle and every weakness and every policy that is in place ...

‘Wakker geword’ Ivy League leer jong Amerikaners hoe om 'totaal werkloos' te wees: Douglas Murray

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TE ‘WOKE’ OM TE WERK? REDAKTEUR DINK NOU TWEE KEER AAN DIE VERHURING VAN IVY LEAGUE GRAAD DOUGLAS MURRAY: Mnr. Reno is besig met iets. Hy sê selfs die nie-wakker studente wat deesdae uit die Ivy League kom, word beskadig deur die ...

Michael Douglas ontmoet pasgebore kleinseun vir die eerste keer

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Michael Douglas is 'n trotse oupa. Die akteur het Dinsdag 'n foto gedeel van sy ontmoeting met sy pasgebore kleinseun. "Die eerste keer dat ek my kleinseun van 'n maand gesien het, Ryder!" skryf hy langs die foto op Instagram. Dit is ...

Jets’ Joe Douglas talks moving on from Sam Darnold: ‘We felt that wouldn’t be the best situation for Sam

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Douglas addressed the media on Tuesday, just one day after the Jets traded Darnold to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for several draft packs, and explained that with all the changes coming in 2021, moving on would...

Douglas Murray on ‘Fox & Vriende: Only the White House sees Afghanistan withdrawal as a ‘success

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TUCKER CARLSON: OUR LEADERS WON'T APOLOGIZE FOR AFGHANISTAN, BIDEN DOUBLED DOWN DOUGLAS MURRAY: I think the only people who are claiming this as a success is the White House. Jen Psaki and the president, gisteraand, ...

Ex-Special Agent John Douglas decodes most prolific serial killers in true crime anthology ‘Killer Next Door

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Former FBI Special Agent John Douglas decodes the minds of some of the nation’s most dangerous serial killers in Fox Nation’s true crime anthology, "Killer Next Door." Douglas, who was the architect of criminal prof...

'Kominsky-metode’ star Michael Douglas admits he still gets ‘nervous’ op stel

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The 76-year-old actor, who won a Gloden Globe award in 2019 for the role, said that working with creator Chuck Lorre and the ensemble cast was "rewarding." He revealed what intrigued him about signing on a streaming ...

Trump het effektief op Facebook stilgemaak deur die voormalige Britse linkse leier: Douglas Murray

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MURRAY: Mark Zuckerberg het een van sy vise-presidente vir wêreldwye sake - Nick Clegg - uitgestuur, wat vandag aangekondig het dat 'ons glo dat Donald Trump se optrede 'n ernstige oortreding van ons reëls is wat die hoë verdienste verdien..

Die 2020 election wasn’t stolen. But Douglas Frank and his bogus equation claiming otherwise are still winning over audiences.

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Austin Douglas Frank, an Ohio math teacher, affixed his Texas flag print bow tie, led a booming rendition of the National Anthem and then walked a crowd through an absurd mathematical equation that he claimed proves...

Kirk Douglas’ widow Anne Buydens dead at 102

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The longtime Hollywood staple, who presided over The Bryna Company and the Douglas Foundation until her death, died peacefully at her home in Beverly Hills, Kalifornië, representatives for the Douglas family told Fox New...

Douglas Murray slams pro-critical race theory support hinged on ‘shameand ’embarrassment

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DOUGLAS MURRAY: Nobody, ek dink, is against the idea of having an honest appraisal of history. The thing that a lot of people are now against, a lot of American parents, is that they're against the dishonest appraisa...

Douglas Murray on MLB’s All-Star Game move: Hopefully decision ‘backfires

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MOVING MLB ALL-STAR GAME FROM ATLANTA IS 'SERIOUS MISTAKE,' FORMER MISSIONER FAY VINCENT SAYS DOUGLAS MURRAY: I hope it will. I think everyone should hope it will because what's been going on here with Major League B...

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