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5-ingredient Saint Louis grilled ribs from ‘Dr. BBQ’: Try the recipe

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Ray "Dr. BBQ" Lampe is an award-winning professional pitmaster and partner of the namesake Dr. BBQ restaurant in St. San Petersburgo, Florida. As we prepare for Labor Day Weekend cookouts and other late summer barbecues, ...

Joshua Jackson reemplazando a Jamie Dornan en "Dr. Muerte’ serie

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"Dr. Muerte" Según los informes, está obteniendo una nueva estrella. Deadline reports that Joshua Jackson is replacing Jamie Dornan as the star of the new Peacock limited series. Dornan was cast last year in the show which is based on th...

'Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musicalputs the humbug in the holidays

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Having brought back the live musical event, NBC offers a scaled-back Christmas confection with "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical!" -- a not-live (and not-very-good) stage production, starring Matthew Morrison ("Alegría") ...

Northwestern distances itself from former lecturer after controversial op-ed urging Jill Biden to drop ‘Dr.’ título

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Washington Northwestern University is distancing itself from a former lecturer who called on incoming first lady Jill Biden to stop using the "Dr." honorific because she has a doctorate in education, not an MD. los ...

Candace Owens critica al Dr.. Fauci, la izquierda por matar la ciencia: 'Dr. Simon Says 'lo inventa sobre la marcha

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CANDANCE OWENS: Esto es tan brillante. La izquierda siempre busca víctima, una narración. Déjame decirte, si alguna vez ha habido una víctima que merezca tiempo aire, es ciencia. La ciencia ha sido asesinada por t ...