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2 children were killed and 8 other people injured when a car lost control at Texas drag race

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Two young boys were killed Saturday afternoon in Kerrville, Texas, after a vehicle taking part in a drag racing event lost control and struck spectators, polisie gesê. The Kerrville Police Department said in a state...

Nashville renames street after drag queen in move city leaders say is a first in the US

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Nashville is celebrating Pride Month with a new street name that honors a drag queen who was a longtime performer in the city. Part of Carney Street is now named Bianca Paige Way after a dedication Saturday, CNN aff...

Tyrus kritiseer PBS-kindervertoning met drag queen voorlesing aan kinders

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Tydens 'n verskyning op "Die Faulkner-fokus," Tyrus het gesê dat besprekings oor sosiale kwessies en geslagskwessies in sy huishouding 'n besluit is wat tuis geneem moet word, nie deur 'n televisieprogram nie. Tyrus het gesê dat ...

72-year-old John Force wins NHRA four-wide drag race

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Force beat J.R. Todd, Cruz Pedregon and Alexis DeJoria with a 3.117-second run at 328.78 mph in the final. "Timing is everything," Force told "I won the inaugural (four-wide race in 2010) here and this make...

With their club closed, these drag queens are delivering dinner and a show right to your door

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A popular San Francisco cabaret and nightclub is making the best of the pandemic shutdown with a meal delivery service that offers a lot more than just food and drinks. D'Arcy Drollinger, who owns Oasis, started a ...