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Liberals turn on Boston Globe for suggesting Americans don’t want to see Trump dragged from White House

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close Video Trump campaign continues legal fight despite continued setbacks Fox News correspondent Kristin Fisher joins 'Special Report' with the latest from the White House. Liberals turned on the Boston Globe...

Chicago police officer dragged by vehicle after traffic stop: verslag doen

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sluit video se topopskrifte vir November 23 's clicking on A Chicago police officer was hospitalized on Monday night after being dragged by a vehicle following a traffic stop on the city's South Si...

Hyenas dragged a man from his bed and mauled him to death

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An elderly man has been killed by a pack of hyenas in Zimbabwe, after they pulled him from his bed while he was sleeping. Die man, who has been identified by the authorities as 87-year-old Tendai Maseka, was dragged...