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Holmes, Maxwell, Smollett courtroom dramas showcase a tech scam, sexual abuse and a racial flashpoint

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One involves sexual abuse. Another centers on alleged medical fraud, and also sex. And a third focuses on what’s alleged to be a racially charged hoax. Por supuesto, none of the three are generating the kind of saturati...

Las mujeres prohibidas en los dramas de televisión afganos bajo las nuevas reglas de los medios de comunicación de los talibanes

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Aceptación, Afghanistan Women will be barred from appearing in television dramas in Afghanistan under the Taliban's new media restrictions, in the latest rollback of women's freedoms since the militant group seized power...

50 Cent on ‘BMFand why his urban dramas hit

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50 Cent knows that there are already complaints about his new Starz series, "BMF." Critics of the drama, based on the real life "Black Mafia Family" crime syndicate, have argued the show glamorizes drug-trafficking ...

9/11 made spy dramas like ’24and ‘Aliasscramble. But not for long

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The Sept. 11 terror attacks that rippled through US society and culture 20 years ago also disrupted the fall TV season that was about to begin. While all of television pondered how to respond, those events particula...

'El único’ ocupa el segundo lugar entre los dramas sobre encontrar el amor a través del ADN

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"El único" toma una idea tentadora: ¿qué pasaría si todos pudieran emparejarse románticamente con su pareja perfecta por ADN?? -- y derrocha que al convertirlo en un misterio mundano. No está mal, como Netflix's B ...