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Brandi Carlile dishes on upcoming album, new memoir ‘Broken Horses: It’s ‘very dramatic’

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The singer-songwriter, who has six Grammys to her credit, opened up about the forthcoming scribe in an interview with "Goeie more Amerika" on Monday and said her process of writing her book was similar in nature to...

A dramatic rescue saves more than 30 crewmembers from a sinking ship off Nova Scotia

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Meer as 30 crew members were rescued via helicopters and naval vessels after a fire erupted on their ship roughly 130 miles from the Canadian coastline, according to a statement from the US Coast Guard. Crews fro...

Binne die Senaat: Sketches from a dramatic Day 5 of the Trump impeachment trial

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Washington Senators voted on a surprise move by the House managers on Saturday to allow for witnesses in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. That created a long recess in which senators mingled as...

Palmeiras fans gather to celebrate dramatic Copa Libertadores win despite the pandemic

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Palmeiras fans ignored social distancing rules and gathered in large groups to celebrate the Brazilian team's dramatic victory in the Copa Libertadores on Saturday. Enigste 5,000 invited guests were permitted into Rio ...

‘Palmergives Justin Timberlake a chance to show off his dramatic side

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Off-screen drama shouldn't obscure the on-screen merits of "Palmer," a small movie that offers a solid showcase for Justin Timberlake. Reminiscent of "Sling Blade" in its themes and tone, the Apple TV+ film hinges o...