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Celtic draws with Hibernian after 13 players forced to self-isolate

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A late equalizer saw Scottish champion Celtic draw 1-1 against Hibernian after one of its players tested positive for Covid-19 and 15 other members of playing and coaching staff were required to self-isolate. It me...

Tyler Perry se Thanksgiving-geskenk trek duisende, verstop paaie

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Tyler Perry was die gasheer van 'n Thanksgiving-voedselgeskenk wat vinnig nie meer voorraad gehad het nie, want 'n onverwagte aantal mense het opgedaag. Perry's Tyler Perry Studios het sy # TPSGiving-kosuitdeel aangebied, waar motors genooi word ...

Biden draws contrast with Trump on coronavirus as pandemic worsens in campaign’s final days

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sought Wednesday to make the differences in how he and President Donald Trump have approached the coronavirus pandemic a part of his closing message, sitting for a briefing ...

‘Wokedraws humor from a Black cartoonist’s political awakening

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A Black cartoonist experiences an awakening about racism even in liberal San Francisco in "Woke," a Hulu series that pairs eccentric humor and characters with its timely real-world echoes. Based on the work of carto...