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Chobani, known for its yogurt and oat milk, now launching a line of cold brew coffee drinks

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close Video Chobani founder: You don’t need a plan When Hamdi Ulukaya came to the U.S., the last thing he expected to do was launch America’s obsession with Greek yogurt. He shares his Chobani success story. Ch...

Make a lazy New Year’s Day feast with these snacks and drinks

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Maybe you got caught up in New Year's Eve preparations, making sure you had enough bubbly to kick 2020 to the curb in spectacular fashion. Or maybe you just got caught up in the whirlwind of the holiday to-do list a...

WO II veearts wat vir die daaglikse Coors Light draai virale geword het 103, drink nog bier

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sluit Video Ontmoet die 101-jarige veearts wat elke dag 'n Coors Light drink, die veteraan van die Tweede Wêreldoorlog, Andrew Slavonic, sluit aan by 'Fox' &versterker; Friends en kry 'n verrassing van sy gunsteling biermaatskappy. Dit is (steeds) bieruur ...

Jason Derulo spends over $100G on drinks after single tops Billboard charts

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Video Jason Derulo is a little lighter in the pockets after he generously treated patrons at Los Angeles’ trendy night spot “Catch” to drinks following the smashing success of his latest single, “Savage Love.” T...

New Orleans restaurants can now serve alcoholic beverages as to-go drinks

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While bars remain closed, restaurants in New Orleans can now serve to-go alcoholic drinks, easing the Covid-19 restrictions. The announcement came Friday from New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, who ordered that the ...

Alex Borstein hilariously drinks on an outdoor bed during 2020 virtual Emmy awards

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close Video top entertainment headlines for September 21 top vermaak en celebrity nuus is hier. kliek vandag in vermaak. Alex Borstein celebrated her 2020 Emmy nomination in style. ...