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Meghan Markle on ‘Ellen’: Duchess drinks a baby bottle, chants and squats in prank video

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While on the daytime talk show, Markle also participated in a prank in which she was listening to DeGeneres through a hidden earpiece and had to do whatever the Emmy-winner told her to do. "When Meghan and I were tal...

Drinks in the the sunset years: Why the Queen has to start skipping her favorite martini

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"The Queen has been told [by her doctors] to give up her evening drink which is usually a martini," a family friend of the royal family told Vanity Fair. "It’s not really a big deal for her, she is not a big drinker ...

Stephen Amell says he ‘had too many drinksbefore being asked to leave flight

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"Arrow" actor Stephen Amell says he feels "deeply ashamed" about his behavior aboard a flight in June, before which he "had too many drinks." Amell was asked to leave the flight before it departed after a public arg...

A customer left a $16,000 tip after ordering some hot dogs, chips and a few drinks

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It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon in New Hampshire when a hungry customer walked into a restaurant, sat at the outside bar, and ordered some food. Roughly two hot dogs, some chips, a coke, a beer and a shot of t...

Florida aprueba la venta de bebidas alcohólicas para llevar’ más allá de la pandemia

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El estado del sol está programado para aprobar un proyecto de ley que ampliaría la capacidad de los restaurantes para vender bebidas alcohólicas para llevar., una medida que inicialmente fue temporal para ayudar a las empresas a mantenerse a flote durante COVID-19. El estado le ...

Make a lazy New Year’s Day feast with these snacks and drinks

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Maybe you got caught up in New Year's Eve preparations, making sure you had enough bubbly to kick 2020 to the curb in spectacular fashion. Or maybe you just got caught up in the whirlwind of the holiday to-do list a...

New Orleans restaurants can now serve alcoholic beverages as to-go drinks

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While bars remain closed, restaurants in New Orleans can now serve to-go alcoholic drinks, easing the Covid-19 restrictions. The announcement came Friday from New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, who ordered that the ...