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Indonesia bar workers face blasphemy charges over free drinks for people named Mohammed or Maria

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Giacarta, IndonesiaIndonesian authorities stripped a bar and restaurant chain in the capital Jakarta of its operating permit after police charged six employees with blasphemy over a promotion offering free drinks for ...

Joseph Owades created light beer, forever changing the way America drinks

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Not once, but twice. His claim to fame? That he was, and still is, America's greatest brewer. Here is the story of the American who invented light beer — and helped create craft brewing as we know it today. Ameri...

Meghan Markle su "Ellen": La duchessa beve un biberon, canti e squat nel video scherzo

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Durante il talk show diurno, Markle ha anche partecipato a uno scherzo in cui stava ascoltando DeGeneres attraverso un auricolare nascosto e doveva fare tutto ciò che il vincitore dell'Emmy le aveva detto di fare. "Quando Meghan ed io parlavamo....

Bevande negli anni del tramonto: Perché la regina deve iniziare a saltare il suo martini preferito?

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"Alla regina è stato detto [dai suoi dottori] rinunciare al suo drink serale che di solito è un martini," un amico di famiglia della famiglia reale ha detto a Vanity Fair. "Non è davvero un grosso problema per lei, non è una grande bevitrice ...

Stephen Amell says he ‘had too many drinksbefore being asked to leave flight

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"Arrow" actor Stephen Amell says he feels "deeply ashamed" about his behavior aboard a flight in June, before which he "had too many drinks." Amell was asked to leave the flight before it departed after a public arg...

A customer left a $16,000 tip after ordering some hot dogs, chips and a few drinks

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It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon in New Hampshire when a hungry customer walked into a restaurant, sat at the outside bar, and ordered some food. Roughly two hot dogs, some chips, a coke, a beer and a shot of t...

Florida set to approve sales of ‘alcohol to-go drinksbeyond pandemic

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The Sunshine State is slated to pass a bill that would extend restaurants' ability to sell alcoholic beverages to-go, a move that was initially temporary to help businesses stay afloat during COVID-19. The state’s le...

Prepara un pigro banchetto di Capodanno con questi snack e bevande

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Forse sei rimasto coinvolto nei preparativi per la notte di Capodanno, assicurandoti di avere abbastanza spumante per calciare 2020 sul marciapiede in modo spettacolare. O forse sei rimasto coinvolto nel turbine della lista delle cose da fare per le vacanze a ...

New Orleans restaurants can now serve alcoholic beverages as to-go drinks

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While bars remain closed, restaurants in New Orleans can now serve to-go alcoholic drinks, easing the Covid-19 restrictions. The announcement came Friday from New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, who ordered that the ...