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Family of Thai immigrant, 84, says fatal attack ‘was driven by hate

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Vichar Ratanapakdee was well-known in his San Francisco neighborhood for his hour-long walks each morning, a ritual that kept him vibrant and healthy during the year of the pandemic. An 84-year-old immigrant from T...

Gingrich: Pelosi-led Trump impeachment effort driven by ‘fearhe could win in 2024

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close Video Dems better off ignoring Trump and impeachment, focusing on issues: Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich reminds Democrats that as they move forward with their push to immediately remove President Trump, COVID...

Some Portland cops earn over $200G, largely driven by overtime amid protests

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sluit video se topopskrifte vir Oktober 18 Ten minste 15 Portland police employees made more than $ 200,000 last fiscal year, largely due to overtime pay, according to a report on Sunday. The fiscal year – f...

2002 Chevy Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Intimidator edition driven 10-miles goes up for auction

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sluit Video Wie het die meeste NASCAR-bekerreeksrenne gewen? Meer as 195 jaers het 'n wedstryd in die bekerreeks gewen sedert NASCAR begin het 1948, maar wie het die meeste gewen? This is some kind of keepsake. ...