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Texas official: Uvalde shooter driven by social media fame, ‘abhorrent behaviorwent unchecked for months

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During his testimony, Kol. Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, also acknowledged how social media — and the lure of instant worldwide notoriety — may have motivated 18-year-old Salvador R...

JK Rowling throws support behind girl allegedly driven from school for challenging ‘transgender ideology’

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"Utterly shameful," die "Harry Potter" author tweeted Tuesday in response to a report of the story. "Add this to the tottering pile of evidence that people in education and academia who're supposed to have a duty of ...

‘Culture of lawlessnessin US driven by woke agenda: FOP national vice president

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"What we really need is [district attorneys] and judges to grow a spine and actually prosecute criminals and throw the book at them," het hy aan gasheer Jeanine Pirro gesê. "Because right now we have a culture of lawlessn...

Putin’s war on Ukraine has ‘driven US-Russia relations into the depths,’ US ambassador to Moscow says

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The Russian war on Ukraine has "driven US-Russia relations into the depths," US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan told CNN on Thursday. Although the top envoy did not say that the relationship between Washington an...

Spike among LA homeless deaths was not driven by COVID: Data

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"The findings in this report reflect a true state of emergency," said First District Supervisor Hilda L. Solis said in a statement. "In a civil society, it is unacceptable for any of us to not be profoundly disturbed...

Miami Beach violence driven by gun-toting spring breakers coming in by car

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"Beslis, the guns that are here didn’t come on an airplane, so we know much of the worse conduct is coming from people who live somewhere near South Florida," Mayor Dan Gelber told reporters during a news briefing...

Gedryf deur Adele, viniel- en CD-verkope het albei toegeneem 2021, data sê

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Streaming oorheers nou al jare die musiekbedryf, maar 2021 het 'n merkbare styging in verkope van fisiese albums gesien, deels te danke aan die sukses van Adele se jongste album. Beide CD's en viniel het hoë sal ervaar..

Gang members behind rising crime driven by fame, status: Former gang member

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"I wouldn't say … it's the bigger profits that are driving these things. I think it's just always been fame," hy het gesê. "It's always been. Everybody wants to be bigger than life. ... [E]verybody wants to be on top." DC ...

NYT contributor says inflation panic is ‘driven by rich people flipping their s—‘ over devalued assets

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"All the stuff you see about inflation in the news is driven by rich people flipping their shit because their parasitic assets aren’t doing as well as they’d like and they’re scared that unemployment benefits + stimm...

Concha on New York Times misreporting COVID cases: Are mistakes driven by motive to push narrative of fear?

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NEW YORK TIMES ISSUES MASSIVE CORRECTION AFTER OVERSTATING COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS AMONG CHILDREN JOE CONCHA: 840,000 missed, reg? Just incredible. Kyk, this is why trust in media is where it is. Gallup found that ...

Skaars 1963 Chevrolet Corvette 'brandstof’ gedryf 70,000 myl verkoop vir $285,000

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A 1963 Chevrolet Corvette met 70,000 myl op die kilometerteller wat deur wyle Menards-raadslid Larry Menard besit is, is die afgelope naweek deur VanDerBrink Auctions verkoop vir $ 285,000, merk een van die top pryse ...

Feds say man driven by hatred of Jews pleaded guilty to all charges after deadly 2019 assault on California synagogue

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A Southern Californian man who previously pleaded guilty to state murder and attempted murder charges following a 2019 attack on a synagogue in San Diego pleaded guilty Friday to federal hate crime charges, akkordein ...

Stephen Miller: Afghanistan resettlements driven by politics, not humanitarian concerns

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US PREPARES TO HOUSE THOUSANDS OF AFGHAN REFUGEES ON AMERICAN MILITARY INSTALLATIONS STEPHEN MILLER: Not only should we not trust the Biden administration to do so, the simple reality is that we no longer are in cont...

Henry Ford Museum’s ‘Driven to Winexhibit celebrates racing in America

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On the day The Associated Press visited, IndyCar rookie Scott McLaughlin happened to be in the parking lot waiting for the doors to open. Small wonder the drivers are so interested: The national landmark museum found...

Hunter Biden’s wife spotted being driven to Malibu Starbucks by Secret Service

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Melissa Cohen, mother of Hunter’s 1-year-old son Beau, was spotted grabbing an iced coffee at a Starbucks near the couple’s California home accompanied by Secret Service agents. HUNTER BIDEN'S ART MASSIVELY OVERPRIC...

Earliest known war driven by climate change, sê navorsers

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Die 61 human skeletons unearthed in the Nile Valley in the 1960s in what is now Sudan have long been regarded as the earliest evidence of organized warfare between humans. The remains uncovered at Jebel Sahaba, wat ...

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