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Women are finally driving Moscow’s subway trains after a decades-long ban

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Trains on the Moscow's famous Metro subway system will now be driven by women, after a decades-long ban on female drivers was overturned. The first of a new generation of women drivers started work on Sunday, accordo...

Risky driving and fatal crashes surged in 2020, even with fewer drivers on the road, a new report finds

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many Americans to stay home and stay put. But even though fewer people were driving during the first six months of the pandemic, riskier driving surged, leading to a troubling uptick...

Bumble sta guidando un cambiamento potente per le donne disabili come me

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Melissa Blake è una scrittrice e blogger freelance dell'Illinois. Si occupa dei diritti dei disabili e delle questioni delle donne e ha scritto per il New York Times, Il Washington Post, Harper's Bazaar, Buon servizio di pulizia e Glamo ...

Rapper Lil Yachty arrested after driving over 150 mph on Atlanta highway, dice la polizia

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Rapper Lil Yachty was arrested and charged with reckless driving and speeding after police say he was driving over 150 mph on an Atlanta highway, according to the Georgia State Patrol. The incident took place Septe...

A man accused of driving into protesters is arrested for illegal firearms and setting up ‘training campat family vineyard

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A California man who allegedly drove his truck into a peaceful protest was arrested and charged with a federal crime. Police said Benjamin Jong Ren Hung, 28, of San Marino, intentionally drove his truck into a crow...

New York Times: Top Justice Department officials were ‘driving forcebehind migrant children separation

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Washington Top officials in the US Justice Department were the "driving force" behind President Donald Trump's controversial zero tolerance immigration policy that separated thousands of migrant children from their f...