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US military releases videos of August drone strike that killed 10 Afghan civilians

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The US military released videos Wednesday of the botched August 29 drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children. The newly released videos show the view from above Kabul as the mi...

US condemns Houthi drone attack on UAE oil facility

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"Our commitment to the security of the UAE is unwavering and we stand beside our Emirati partners against all threats to their territory," National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said in a statement Monday afternoon....

3 killed in suspected Houthi drone attack in Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi, UAE A suspected Houthi drone attack near Abu Dhabi airport killed at least three people and sparked multiple explosions in the United Arab Emirates' capital on Monday. An Abu Dhabi police statement said ...

Iraqi Prime Minister survives exploding drone assassination attempt

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Bagdad, Iraq Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi escaped an assassination attempt on Sunday after an explosive-laden drone targeted his residence, the country's military said. Al-Kadhimi went on to Twitter momen...

Drone at Pennsylvania electric substation was first to ‘specifically target energy infrastructure,’ according to federal law enforcement bulletin

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A drone that crashed near a Pennsylvania power substation last year was likely meant to damage or disrupt the electric equipment, according to a federal law enforcement bulletin obtained by CNN. The July 2020 incid...

Amerikaanse sanksiebevelvoerder van die Iranse hommeltuigprogram wat skeepsvaartuig aangeval het

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Washington Die Biden-administrasie het Vrydag 'n aantal maatskappye en individue wat verband hou met Iran se militêre hommeltuigprogram sowel as die bevelvoerder van die Islamitiese Revolusionêre Wagkorps goedgekeur. (IRGC) Aeros...

Drone attack targets US troops at US base in Syria, initial assessment suggests no US injuries

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A drone attack targeted US troops at the US base at At-Tanf in Syria, close to the border with Jordan, op Woensdag, volgens 'n Amerikaanse verdedigingsbeampte. The initial assessment is that there were no injuries as a res...

Drone operator will try to rescue dogs from La Palma volcano

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A Spanish drone operator on Tuesday received permission to try to rescue three emaciated dogs trapped near a volcano in the Canary Islands, by catching them with a remote-controlled net and flying them out over a str...

Pentagon holds first meeting about compensation payment with employer of Afghan civilian killed in US drone strike

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A senior Pentagon official held a virtual meeting about a potential compensation payment for the family of Zamarai Ahmadi, an Afghan civilian who was one of 10 people killed in a US drone strike in late August, Pent...

School of fish swimming in heart formation stuns onlookers: Drone footage

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Take a look at this school of Crevalle jack fish that were spotted swimming in a heart-shaped formation right off the shores of Juno Beach, according to South West News Service (SWNS). FLORIDA FISHERMEN CATCH A WARSA...

Senior leier van Al -Qaeda is dood in drone -aanval in Sirië, Amerikaanse verdedigingsamptenare sê

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Salim Abu-Ahmad is in 'n VSA dood. lugaanval naby Idlib, Sirië op Sept. 20. Hy was verantwoordelik vir die beplanning, befondsing, en die goedkeuring van trans-streeks Al Qaeda-aanvalle. 'N Amerikaanse. Air Force MQ-1B Predator onmannig ...

NBC, CNN Sunday shows spend just seconds on botched Afghan drone strike after ignoring blunder last week

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Op Vrydag, the Pentagon confirmed that the Aug. 28 drone strike was a "tragic mistake" that resulted in ten dead civilians, including seven children, which was meant to be in response to the Aug. 26 terreuraanval ...

Regter Jeanine beklemtoon Biden se vervalle drone -aanval in Afghanistan: Die VSA is 'skuldig'’ van die doodmaak van burgerlikes

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JEANINE PIRRO: Vanaand, die Verenigde State van Amerika is skuldig aan die dood van tien burgerlikes, insluitend 'n Afgaanse wat vir 'n VSA werk. hulpgroep wat water vervoer, wat 'n Amerikaanse burger wou word, saam met sewe ...

James Jay Carafano: Biden se hommeltuigramp gee Amerikaners 'n groter probleem om oor bekommerd te wees

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En tog het ons dit net gekry: Amerikaanse. militêre amptenare het erken wat die New York Times verlede week berig het. Die Augustus 29, 2021 hommeltuigaanval in Kaboel het verkeerdelik onskuldige burgerlikes eerder as 'n terroriste geteiken..

Liberal media hammers Biden admin over botched Afghan drone strike: ‘This is absolutely horrifying

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper kicked off his show Friday by calling out the Pentagon's "massive and deadly mistake." "This is a total about-face from the Pentagon’s initial denial they got anything wrong days after the atta...

Three Sunday shows ignored NYT report on botched drone strike Pentagon now admits killed 10 Afghan civilians

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During a Friday press conference, the Pentagon confirmed that the Aug. 28 drone strike was a "tragic mistake" that killed ten civilians, including seven children, which was meant to be in response to the Aug. 26 terr...

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