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Barbados will drop Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state next year, government announces

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London Barbados will remove Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state and become a republic by next year, its government has announced, making it the first country to drop the monarch in nearly three decades. The Carib...

Decision to drop Michael Flynn case was ‘corrupt and politically motivated,’ court-appointed lawyer says

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The Justice Department's decision to drop the criminal case against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn was a "corrupt and politically motivated favor," a former judge who was appointed to analyze t...

A California pastor encouraged parishioners to use an unauthorized GOP ballot drop box at his church

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A pastor in California is facing criticism after encouraging parishioners to turn in their ballots to an unauthorized drop box deployed outside the church by the state's Republican Party. Jerry Cook, the lead pastor...

Cleveland MLB team to drop ‘Indiansfrom its name

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The Major League Baseball team in Cleveland, Ohio, will drop "Indiërs" from its name, according to a report from The New York Times and later confirmed by other news outlets. The team declined to comment on the sit...

Rep. Engel agrees to drop Pompeo subpoena now that he has Biden documents

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House Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel on Friday agreed to withdraw a subpoena he had issued in July against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after the State Department turned over more than 16,000 pages of docume...

Suid-Korea rapporteer dat die bevolking daal, met meer sterftes as geboortes vir die eerste keer

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Suid - Korea het meer sterftes as geboortes aangeteken 2020 vir die eerste keer ooit, gevra om op te tree om die land se dalende vrugbaarheidskoers te laat herleef. Vir jare, Suid-Korea sukkel met 'n groeiende demografie..

Northwestern distances itself from former lecturer after controversial op-ed urging Jill Biden to drop ‘Dr.’ titel

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Washington Northwestern University is distancing itself from a former lecturer who called on incoming first lady Jill Biden to stop using the "Dr." honorific because she has a doctorate in education, not an MD. Die ...

Utah university board votes to drop ‘Dixiefrom name after recent grads worried it affected job prospects

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Dixie State University in Utah is considering a name change after a recent study found the school's name had negative connotations and affected students and alumni looking for job opportunities outside the state. T ...

Cleveland se planne om 'Indians’ van die span se naam is 'n welkome verandering, maar dit is lankal nie meer nodig nie, Inheemse Amerikaners sê

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Die besluit om 'n baseball-span van die Major League te verwyder "Indiërs" van sy naam word as histories beskou, inheemse Amerikaanse voorspraakgroepe hou vol dat hul stryd om alle rassistiese sportgelukbringers te verwyder nog lank nie verby is nie. Phi ...

Latinos were going to college more than ever but Covid-19 is forcing many to drop out

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Efren Berrones grabbed his luggage and booked a 4,000-mile flight home to Houston fearing his mother would be highly vulnerable to Covid-19 and alone. In the past seven months, Berrones, a sophomore at Hawaii Paci...

Hommeltuie om sade te laat val om die getal koala-gomboom te verhoog, nadat die bosse in Australië vernietig is

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Gespesialiseerde hommeltuie word getoets in 'n program om koalagetalle aan die ooskus van Australië te verhoog, om saad van tandvleisbome te laat val as deel van 'n Wêreldnatuurfonds (WWF) skema om bosveld te regenereer wat in die telling aangesteek is ...

Senate Democrats drop proposal to penalize companies for not providing $15 minimumloon

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Senate Democrats decided Sunday to abandon an alternative proposal to penalize companies for not providing a $ 15 minimum wage to their employees, the latest indication that boosting the federal minimum wage in thi...

He had to drop out of Morgan State for financial reasons. Now he’s given $20 million to the university

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Wil jy meer inspirerend wees, positiewe nuus? Teken in op The Good Stuff, 'n nuusbrief ten goede in die lewe. Dit sal u inkassie elke Saterdagoggend verhelder. Two years after Calvin Tyler first enrolled at Morgan State ...