Etichetta: Il Great Salt Lake dello Utah scende ai minimi storici

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AP Top 25: Cincinnati up to No. 2; Purdue snaps poll drought

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The Bulldogs remained a unanimous No. 1 con 63 first-place votes in the AP Top 25 presented by Regions Bank and the Bearcats inched up a spot, taking advantage of Iowa's loss to Purdue on Saturday. CLICCA QUI PER M...

Drought conditions in California this summer were the worst on record

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The West's historic, multi-year drought is threatening water supply, food production and electricity generation. It has drained reservoirs at incredible rates and fueled one of the most extreme wildfire seasons the ...

Heat wave, drought elevate wildfire threat in the West

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Più di 70 grande, active fires continue to burn across the western US, and the weather forecast for the upcoming week will only make conditions worse. Drought, venti forti, dry vegetation and above average temper...

California snow drought ends in dramatic fashion, while other states still deal with shortage

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Thanks to multiple atmospheric river events, average snowpack in California has gone from 18% per 98% in just two weeks. "Increases in snowpack of this size are not common, but also not unprecedented," Julie Kalansky...

Canada Dry? Habs seek to end nation’s 28-year Cup drought

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Aside from a few identifying banners on its black, painted-over walls, there are few remaining hints of the rich history of the Montreal Forum. The building where the Stanley Cup was awarded 15 times — including 12 t ...

California’s Willow Fire spreads to 2,000 acres as record drought, heat continue to grip state

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La fiammata, located in Los Padres National Forest near Monterey County's Big Sur, began Thursday night shortly at 8:10 p.m. PT. NATIONAL WEATHER FORECAST: HEAT CONTINUES TO THREATEN WEST, TROPICAL STORM WARNINGS ISSU...

Utah governor asks residents to pray for rain to help combat a record drought

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The governor of Utah is calling on a higher power to help combat the extreme dry weather afflicting the state. Di giovedì, Gov. Spencer Cox issued a declaration calling for Utahns to participate in a weekend of pra...

Lake Mead, Hoover Dam face historically low water levels amid drought

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Ma c'è un problema: The lake is getting real low. As of June, Lake Mead’s depth is the lowest it’s been since 1937. People who live in the area are not the only ones affected; businesses and tourists are as well....

Drought expands in the Southwest, worsening the region’s fire risk and water crisis

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Drought conditions worsened in much of the Southwest over the past week, according to the latest update from the US Drought Monitor, deepening the region's water crisis and fueling record-setting wildfires across mu...

La siccità estrema peggiora in Occidente, con "eccezionale"’ condizioni che coprono più di 26% della regione

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Una settimana molto secca con temperature ben al di sopra della media ha peggiorato una già grave siccità negli Stati Uniti occidentali, secondo l'US Dry Monitor. Nuovi dati mostrano che tutti e quattro gli stati sono in condizioni di siccità..

A 709-day snow drought will come to an end on Sunday in Washington, DC

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It's been nearly two years since Washington, DC, has had a snowfall greater than 1 inch, but that could change drastically by Monday. The city is under a winter storm watch from Saturday evening until Sunday evening...

Uragani, wildfires, and drought: US finds itself battling climate disasters on several fronts

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Uragani, wildfires, floods, heat waves, and drought wreaking havoc on much of the United States paint a picture of a nation in peril. Region by region, the country faces compounding disasters. Against the backdr...

A ranch is running out of water in the West’s historic drought. 'Nel 85 anni, it’s not been this bad.

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T.J. Atkin's family has been in the cattle ranching business for nearly a century. In that time, lui dice, a drought has never hit their operations this hard. "Everyone else I've talked to says in 85 anni, it has n...

Trudeau warns of a dangerous third wave as Canada copes with a vaccine ‘drought

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Ottawa Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned Canadians that public health measures, including restrictions on indoor social gatherings, would have to continue for weeks to comes as new Covid-19 variants, and a slow va...

There’s a 1-in-3 chance Lake Powell won’t be able to generate hydropower in 2023 due to drought conditions, nuovo studio dice

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The falling water levels at Lake Powell, the second-largest man-made reservoir in the US, could make the dam's hydroelectric power generation impossible as soon as next year, according to new projections released We...

Pacific Northwest expected to endure oppressive heat this weekend amid the West’s drought misery

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Parts of Oregon and Washington state will be under an excessive heat watch this weekend as scorching, possibly record-breaking heat settles into the region. The excessive heat watch will go into effect Friday aftern...