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Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones sent to jail after judge revokes bond in drunken driving case

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Jones was previously out on bond after an alleged drunken driving crash occurred earlier this year in Livingston County. "I am one to believe in graduated sanctions and not jailing this man until sentencing, but I am...

Drunken Georgia man gets kicked out of club, returns to open fire and plow truck into bar: polisie

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Eduardo Morales, 34, was asked to leave the bar in Hiram, 'n stad oor 26 miles west of Atlanta, rondom 11:30 nm. Saturday because he was drunk, the Hiram Police Department said. CRIME FORCES JERSEY SHORE TOWN TO CL...

Alleged drunken driver sobs and apologizes for death of NYPD officer: ‘I’m sorry’

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Jessica Beauvais, 32, faces a slew of charges, including two counts of vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment, leaving an accident resulting in death and driving while intoxicated in connection with the death ...

Lizzo has heard from Chris Evans about her drunken DMs

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Lizzo is feeling good as hell after Chris Evans replied to her flirty message. "Don't drink and DM," die "Truth Hurts" singer warned fans on TikTok on Saturday, revealing she had sent the "Avengers" star a drunken...