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'Duck Dynasty' ster Alan Robertson skottel op niggie Bella se komende troue: 'Dit sal nog 'n klassieke wees'

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"Dit sal weer 'n klassieke troue van die Robertson-gesin wees. Dit is in die voortuin. Jy weet, dit lyk asof ons van die tuin troues hou," Robertson, 56, in 'n onderhoud gesê tydens die bespreking van die familie se nuutste dokumentasies "Disfunksie ...

‘Duck Dynasty’sReed and Brighton Robertson expecting baby girl

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Reed Robertson and his wife Brighton revealed on Instagram that they are expecting their first child. "Baby girl Robertson coming in November," Brighton shared along with pictures of a sonogram. "The pups can’t belie...

Texas Chick-fil-A befriends duck and her new ducklings in its parking lot

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The fast food restaurant in Brownsville, Texas, posted on Facebook about the duck, who reportedly appeared in the Chick-fil-A’s parking lot last week. The staff named her Daisy and even put up a small fence and a si...

‘Duck Dynasty’ alum Sadie Robertson returns to TV with scripted show: ‘As always ALL glory to God’

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The series will follow two high school girls from different backgrounds who join a reality TV show later to realize "life is messy, love is hard, and second chances don’t come around every day." Robertson will serve ...

Duck hatches from free-range egg woman bought from grocery store

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A curious woman in England says she bought an egg from the grocery store and a month later, a baby duck hatched. She reportedly had been inspired to try out the egg experiment after seeing a post on social media. ...

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson, family members sued by drive-by shooting suspect for defamation: verslag doen

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Daniel King Jr. was booked into a correctional center in April 2020 after two homes in West Monroe were struck by gunfire. Op daardie stadium, Robertson, 49, said he and his family were "pretty shook up" after one of the ei...

‘Duck Dynasty’ stars Korie and Willie Robertson talk ‘ugly commentsabout biracial child

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Korie and Willie Robertson have gotten candid about raising a biracial son. Die paartjie, made famous by the hit A& E reality series "Eend-dinastie," had a frank conversation about race on the premiere episode of t...

‘Duck Dynasty’ alums Korie and Willie Robertson recall ‘ugly commentsmade about their biracial son

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The reality TV alums were joined by "Love and Hip Hop" cast members Yandy Smith-Harris and her husband Mendeecees Harris, wat swart is. Joining the conversation was the Robertsons' son Will, who they adopted when he...