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'Os he dejado boquiabiertos a todos': Nick Kyrgios disfruta de una actuación inmaculada en Wimbledon contra Filip Krajinovic

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Nick Kyrgios pensó que su partido de primera ronda fue uno de los peores que ha jugado en Wimbledon; su actuación contra Filip Krajinovic dos días después, sin embargo, puede haber sido su mejor. El australiano produjo un ser...

Darren Waller taunting penalty during Raiders game leaves NFL world dumbfounded

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Raiders tight end Darren Waller caught his first pass from Derek Carr in the second quarter with 9:08 restante. Waller got the first down on the 21-yard completion and celebrated by throwing the ball on the ground a...

NBC News mocked for saying red stateslower COVID stats have ‘expertsdumbfounded

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In a segment that aired on Thursday morning's "Hoy dia" show, NBC News correspondent Sam Brock began by calling it a "COVID conundrum," pointing out how states with the "strictest measures" like New York, Michigan, y...