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What Dakota Johnson’s moving performance as a dying woman taught her a lot about living

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Dakota Johnson's latest role in the poignant film "Our Friend" taught her life lessons she plans to carry with her. Johnson plays Nicole Teague in the film, based on a true story about a woman's arduous battle with...

The bee population is dying. Researchers have created the first global map of the species to save them

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Meer as 20,000 species of bee exist throughout the world -- and they are dying, thanks to climate change, pesticide poisoning and plant loss. Researchers have taken an important first step toward bee conservation...

A 20-year-old woman cast her ballot early before dying of cancer. Her state will throw it out.

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Amber Pflughoeft beamed with pride as she filled out her ballot for the first time last month. A 20-year-old who'd been fighting bone cancer for a decade, she was fascinated with politics, her mother Tiffany Pflugh...

Nurse arranges for a plane to fly a dying father to see his son play football one last time

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For a father and son, a hug before the first game of football season is a special moment. For Scott and Cade Sullivan, it was the moment of a lifetime. Scott Sullivan of Somerset, Kentucky, was diagnosed with a rare...

Facebook stops French man streaming his dying days

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Paris Facebook has prevented a French man with an incurable illness from streaming his own death on the social media site, according to a company statement. Alain Cocq, 57, from Dijon in eastern France, has a rare in...