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Jill Biden’s whirlwind first year as the President’s eyes and ears across America

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First lady Jill Biden visited Kentucky last Friday, a state that her husband, Presidente Joe Biden, did not win in the 2020 elezione. Not that she cared. She was there to check in on victims of last month's deadly to...

Cats can track your ‘invisible presenceusing only their ears

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While you're rummaging through cabinets and crevices trying to find your cat's new favorite hiding spot, cats may be keeping mental tabs on you, pure. A new study out of Japan found that a stationary cat can track it...

Biden annulla i tagli di Trump a Bears Ears, Scalone-Escalante, e Monumenti nazionali marini di Northeast Canyons e Seamounts

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Venerdì il presidente Joe Biden ha annunciato l'ampliamento di tre monumenti nazionali -- orsi orecchie, Scalone-Escalante, e Northeast Canyons e Seamounts Marine -- in una mossa che ha ripristinato le protezioni che avevano ...

Dog earns Guinness World Record for longest ears

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A volte, all it takes to set a Guinness World Record is to have a unique feature. Per esempio, a dog named Lou recently earned his spot in the record book for having the longest ears on a still-living dog. ...

Pitbull’s plea to Jeff Bezos to assist in Cuba may fall on billionaire’s deaf ears

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Cuba is going through its worst economic crisis in decades, along with a resurgence of coronavirus cases, as it suffers the consequences of U.S. sanctions imposed by the Trump administration. Some protesters have dem...

Chicago man bites off parts of couple’s ears, gouges eyes in ‘horror movie’ attack: rapporto

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Elijah Rule Hill Prince, 28, was arrested covered in blood, telling officers that it was the "blood of peasants," the Chicago Sun-Times reported, citing Cook County prosecutors. He did not attend the Monday hearing a...

Navajo Nation calls on restoration of Bears Ears National Monument during Deb Haaland visit to Utah

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More than three years after the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah was drastically shrunk in size, tribal leaders and activists are hopeful that Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland would soon recommend its restorati...

Le terre sacre di Bears Ears nello Utah hanno portato 5 tribù insieme. Un ordine esecutivo sta rilanciando gli sforzi per proteggerli

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Un angolo roccioso nel sud dello Utah è stato per anni il punto focale di proteste e battaglie politiche. Una recente mossa dell'amministrazione Biden sta dando alle tribù native la speranza che una promessa non mantenuta possa essere riparata. Sopra...

Questi ragni mancano di orecchie. Ma loro possono sentirti, dice lo studio

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Spooky season is here -- so let's talk about spiders. Ogre-faced spiders are believed to have the largest eyes of all known spider species, and they are known for their reported ability to see in the dark 2,000 tim...