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3.6 magnitude earthquake rattles metro Los Angeles

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The Los Angeles metro area was hit with a 3.6 magnitude earthquake Sunday, according to data from the United States Geological Survey. The earthquake was recorded at a depth of 17 kilometers near Maywood and East L...

Preliminary 6.5-magnitude earthquake strikes Taiwan’s northeastern coast

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Taipei, Taiwan A 6.5-magnitude quake has struck Taiwan, according to preliminary data from the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). The EMSC said the quake struck at a depth of some 60 chilometri, a partire dal...

Bali earthquake kills at least 3 persone

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Giacarta, Indonesia At least three people have died in Bali after a magnitude 4.8 earthquake hit the Indonesian island in the early hours of Saturday, damaging buildings and leaving people trapped in the rubble. L'e ...

UN 4.3 terremoto di magnitudo scuote la California meridionale

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Una grandezza 4.3 venerdì sera il terremoto ha colpito la California meridionale, secondo l'US Geological Survey. Il sisma è stato ampiamente avvertito nell'area di Los Angeles e nelle città circostanti tra cui Carson, Lomita, e...

Earthquake leaves three dead and 60 injured in China’s Sichuan

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An earthquake in China's southwestern province of Sichuan left at least three people dead and 60 injured on Thursday, secondo i media statali. Local authorities put the quake at 6.0-magnitude, while the US Geol...

Powerful earthquake strikes southwest Mexico

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A powerful earthquake has struck the southwest of Mexico late Tuesday. The US Geological Survey said the 7.0 magnitude quake struck 2.5 miglia (4 chilometri) east-north-east of Los Órganos de San Agustín, about eight...

Naomi Osaka to donate prize money to Haitian earthquake relief efforts

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Naomi Osaka has pledged to donate her earnings from next week's Western & Southern Open to support earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, the Caribbean nation her father hails from. The four-time Grand Slam champion...

How to Help Haiti Earthquake Victims

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UN 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti Saturday morning, likely causing widespread disaster, secondo l'US Geological Survey. Humanitarian officials worry about how quickly aid can be deployed and how Haitians ...

7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Haiti

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The epicenter of the quake was 12 chilometri (7.5 miglia) northeast of Saint-Louis du Sud, according to the survey. People in the capital of Port-au-Prince felt the tremor and many rushed into the streets in fear.

High casualties feared as 7.2-magnitude earthquake strikes near Haiti

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The US Geological Survey said it's likely that casualties are "alto" after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck near Haiti Saturday morning. "High casualties are probable and the disaster is likely widespread," accordo...

Un 8.2 magnitude earthquake recorded off the coast of Alaska

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UN 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska, according to preliminary data from the US Geological Survey. The very strong quake was located about 56 miglia (91 chilometri) east southeast of Perryville, ...

California earthquake sends boulders tumbling onto major highway

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Brett Durrant was traveling along Highway 395 near Coleville, California, when clouds of dust erupted across the mountainsides next to him. Parts of the rock were collapsing. "It's an earthquake!" Durrant's friend,...

Navy explosion test for new aircraft carrier registers as minor earthquake in Florida

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The USS Gerald R. Ford sat 100 miles east of Florida as the Navy set off a 40,000-pound explosive – just one of several planned tests. The aircraft carrier is the newest and most advanced one in the Navy. The ship ...

People flee in panic as skyscraper wobbles in China, despite no earthquake and fine weather

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Hong Kong Thousands of shoppers in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen fled the vicinity of a 957-foot (291-metro) skyscraper Tuesday, after it inexplicably began swaying. Videos circulating on Chinese social media...

Earthquake felt in downtown Anchorage Saturday

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UN 5.3 magnitude earthquake was felt in Anchorage, Alaska, di sabato mattina, secondo i funzionari. The quake was centered less than 10 miles outside of downtown Anchorage, near Point MacKenzie. "That was quite...

Un potente terremoto colpisce il Giappone vicino a Fukushima

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Tokyo, Giappone Una grandezza 7.1 terremoto ha colpito al largo della costa orientale del Giappone, vicino a Fukushima, sabato sera tardi, ma non ci sono state segnalazioni immediate di vittime o danni. L'epicentro del terremoto, quale ...