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Reversal of Earth’s magnetic poles may have triggered Neanderthal extinction — and it could happen again

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The reversal of Earth's magnetic poles, along with a temporary breakdown of the world's magnetic field about 42,000 years ago, could have triggered a raft of environmental changes, solar storms and the extinction of...

Earth’s first mammals took it easy and lived far longer than their modern counterparts

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Earth's earliest mammals spent their lives at a more leisurely pace than their modern counterparts, but they lived a lot longer, analysis of some 200-million-year-old teeth has shown. Using X-ray technology, palaeon...

A new mini-moon is about to join Earth’s orbit. It could be a booster rocket from the 60s

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A mini-moon is on track to enter Earth's orbit and come as close as 27,000 miles away. However, rather than some asteroid that will orbit around the Earth, it may actually just be some old space junk that made its w...