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US authorities exploring use of testing to ease air travel restrictions between NYC and London

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After months of stringent international travel restrictions, efforts are underway to open travel between London and New York City, according to sources familiar with the plans. There is ongoing planning for a pilot...

Biden administration, EU reach agreement to ease Trump tariffs on aluminum and steel

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The Biden administration reached an agreement with the European Union on Saturday to ease Trump-era sanctions on aluminum and steel, funcionarios anunciaron, another step in deescalating tensions with European allies as...

Some states are seeing higher numbers of Covid-19 cases as others ease restrictions

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While some states are seeing improving outlooks in their battle against Covid-19, other parts of the nation are hitting tragic records. "Things will get worse before they get better," President-elect Joe Biden said,...

Biden touts ‘major breakthroughwith EU to ease Trump-era tariffs on aluminum and steel

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President Joe Biden on Sunday touted a new agreement reached with the European Union to ease Trump-era tariffs on aluminum and steel as a "major breakthrough" that would serve to both strengthen the US steel industr...

Los Angeles County business owners excited to welcome back customers as restrictions ease

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Los Angeles George Metsos had to furlough 30 de 37 of his employees due to the pandemic. Like many businesses, Metsos' restaurant, Patys -- which is located in the Toluca Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles -- took a hi...

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