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Genl. Keane: No president has kept Americans ‘informed and advisedon what is happening in the Middle East

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GEN. JACK KEANE: I fundamentally disagree with President Trump announcing a 1 May withdrawal, although he did have in mind there would be in place certain conditions before the United States would withdrawal, and tha...

Former MMA fighter Tyler East shot and killed in New Mexico

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Oos, 30, was found dead Monday at a residence in Los Lunas, oor 25 miles south of Albuquerque, the New Mexico State Police said Tuesday. The Valencia County Sheriff's Office responded to the home on a domestic vi...

Floods, grondverskuiwings, kill dozens in Indonesia and East Timor

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Jakarta, Indonesia Flash floods unleashed by torrential rains killed 41 people on the Indonesian island of Flores on Sunday, the disaster management agency BNPB said, and at least three more were reported killed in n...

A spring warmup is on the way for the East this weekend, while the Southwest bakes

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Warm weather will spread over most of the nation by early next week, with highs as much as 30 degrees above average possible in some areas. Holiday weekend temperatures will be the warmest across the northern Plains...

From Manchester United to fruit delivery: David Moyeslong journey to the East End of London

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In the first pandemic-enforced lockdown in the United Kingdom, current West Ham manager David Moyes returned home to the Lancashire village in which his family lives, taking the opportunity to help out in the commun...

Entire house floats away as flash floods batter Australia’s east coast

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Australia's east coast was smashed by heavy rains on Saturday, sparking dangerous flash flooding that forced the evacuation of multiple regions as the fast-moving waters unmoored houses, engulfed roads, stranded tow...

Covid-19 cases discovered on one US Navy ship in Middle East, suspected cases on a second

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Washington About a dozen sailors and Marines onboard the USS San Diego tested positive for Covid-19 while the ship was deployed to the Middle East, the Navy said in a statement Thursday. The amphibious transport shi...

Oor 60 million under winter weather alerts as rain and snow impact the East Coast

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The cold weather sweeping through much of the US is still going to be around Friday, but the good news is that it's expected to warm up this weekend and into next week. Egter, right now there are still over 60 ek ...

Pregnant Shawn Johnson East tests positive for Covid-19

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Shawn Johnson East says she has tested positive for coronavirus. The Olympic gymnast shared the news on her Instagram story Sunday writing, "Got my results back today and they came back positive for Covid. Not going...

Verizon Fios customers report outages across the East Coast

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New York (CNN Besigheid)Many people living on America's East Coast were without Internet for part of Tuesday because of Verizon Fios service issues. Tens of thousands of people reported outages from Boston to New York...

Jill Biden announces more key staff for East Wing

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Incoming first lady Jill Biden continues to round out her East Wing staff, announcing Thursday key hires in both her press office as well as a new executive director of her Joining Forces initiative. Biden has tappe...

VSA vlieg B-52 bommenwerpers na die Midde-Ooste in magsvertoon

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Washington Die Amerikaanse weermag het Woensdag kernkragtige B-52-bomwerpers na die Midde-Ooste gevlieg "om die Amerikaanse weermag se toewyding tot streeksveiligheid te onderstreep en 'n unieke vermoë te demonstreer om vinnig oorweldigings te ontplooi..

Will bad weather hinder vaccine deliveries on the East Coast?

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Shipping giants FedEx and UPS may have to make alternative plans to ship the new Covid-19 vaccine in areas that are expected to be affected by a major winter storm this week. The first public deliveries of the vacci...

Missing boater is found clinging to his capsized boat off Florida’s east coast

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A boater missing off the east coast of Florida was found alive Sunday, clinging to his capsized boat about 86 miles from shore. The US Coast Guard said Sunday afternoon that the crew aboard a motor vessel found 62-y...

Ooskus steun vir sneeu, swaar reën in die eerste groot stormstelsel van die herfs

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In tipiese 2020 mode, die Ooskus se eerste groot stormstelsel van die herfs sal reg wees as ons sê dat die jaar se rekord-orkaanseisoen goed is. Rofweg 15 miljoen mense van Louisiana tot N ...

Cars clog highways as families flee East Troublesome Fire in Colorado

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The East Troublesome Fire is continuing to devastate parts of northern Colorado, swallowing homes and businesses in its path. Long lines of cars made their way out of the area as the fire continued to grow Thursday...

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