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Russia continues to strike eastern Ukraine as officials call for evacuation of Mariupol

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Kharkiv and Kramatorsk came under further attack, and Russia also said it had struck areas around Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro. Explosions were heard in the southern city of Mykolaiv and a hospital was reported to have be...

Differences in western and eastern ammunition an untold issue in Ukraine war: Die ITA het gesê 'n besluit oor die uitslag van die spanbyeenkoms sal deur die Internasionale Skaatsunie bepaal word na wat waarskynlik 'n lang regsproses sal wees

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The onetime CIA director told host Charles Payne Americans want to supply a "great deal more" resources to Ukraine, but that it is a challenge because of the difference in ammunition. "The challenge is that we do not...

Ten minste 30 Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie

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Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie, Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie 30 mense, twee kinders ingesluit, Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie.

Violence in eastern Colombia has left 130 dead this year, UN and Catholic Church say

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Sommige 130 people have been killed and more than 3,000 have been forcibly displaced this year as violence has surged in eastern Colombia, according to the United Nations and the Catholic Church. The institutions have ...

Eastern indigo snake found in Alabama for the second time in more than 60 jare

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According to a Facebook post from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the reptile was found on March 16. The first wild-born snake was found in 2020, an indication that the snake is breeding...

China Eastern plane carrying 132 people crashes

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The number of fatalities and injuries is unclear. China Eastern’s flight No. 5735 had been traveling at around 30,000 feet when the plane entered a deep dive at its cruising altitude speed of 523 km / h, Volgens ...

Head of Eastern Orthodoxy condemns Putin, Russian invasion of Ukraine

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During an interview with CNN TÜRK, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople said he maintained "a very good relationship" with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy while he described how Russia's recent mi...

Douglas Murray: ‘Nobody can point to one thingKamala Harris solved ahead of her Eastern European trip

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DOUGLAS MURRAY: If people could point me to one thing Kamala Harris has solved, there might be reason for the Europeans to have hope … You know very well, nobody can point to one thing she solved. She was given the s...

Western nations scramble response after Putin orders troops into pro-Russian regions of eastern Ukraine

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The threat of a full-scale war weighed heavy in Europe on Tuesday as the international community scrambled to finalize sanctions and further rounds of diplomacy following Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision ...

US ambassador to UN says Putin’s claim he’s sending ‘peacekeepersinto eastern Ukraine is ‘nonsense

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US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said Russian President Vladimir Putin's recognition of pro-Moscow regions in Ukraine as independent was an "attempt to create a pretext for a further invas...

State Department calls evacuations in Eastern Ukraine ‘false flag operations,’ warns of distractions

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"Announcements like these are further attempts to obscure through lies and disinformation that Russia is the aggressor in this conflict," a State Department spokesperson told Fox News Digital. "This type of false fla...

US fighter jets escort Russian aircraft in eastern Syria

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US fighter jets and other coalition aircraft escorted three Russian aircraft in eastern Syria on Tuesday when the Russians flew into coalition-restricted airspace, according to two US officials with direct knowledge...

Biden moving US troops in Eastern Europe won’t prevent Russian invasion, experts agree

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Fred Kagan, a former military history professor for the Military Academy at West Point, told Fox News Digital on Thursday, "The deployment of U.S. ground combat forces to Eastern Europe is extremely important." But h...

Biden sending troops to Eastern Europe soon as Ukraine turmoil intensifies

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The president made the comment after stepping off of Air Force One following a speech in Pittsburgh. He did not say how many troops would be going, and he added that he does not have an update on the tensions between...

US and allies discussing deploying more troops to Eastern Europe prior to any Russian invasion of Ukraine

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The US and a handful of allies are in discussions to deploy thousands more troops to Eastern European NATO countries before any potential Russian invasion of Ukraine as a show of support in the face of Moscow's ongo...

Russia ‘will ignoreUS troops sent to Eastern Europe: Fred Fleitz

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FRED FLEITZ: I was watching the press conference and the media seemed fairly confused. Ons het 8,500 troops who are being committed to Eastern Europe but not going into Ukraine, they are not going to stop Russia from...

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