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Ecuador star Pervis Estupinan finds his missing passport after social media appeal

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Everyone knows the feeling. You're on the way the airport and, repentinamente, your heart drops: "I've forgotten my passport." Ecuador defender Pervis Estupinan would have experienced such dread on Wednesday as he attempt...

Ecuador votes for president as voters lean toward socialism

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QuitoEcuadoreans choose a new president on Sunday, with many voters weary of painful economic austerity measures and eager for a return to socialism, encouraging left-wing candidate Andres Arauz who hopes to win with...

Ecuador and Peru signal political divides that could trouble the region

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More than a year into the pandemic and as cases resurge in Latin America, two recent elections suggest that popular political views on how to escape the crisis remain deeply polarized -- at a time when cohesion is m...

Girls dropped over US-Mexico border wall are ‘finally reunited’ with their family: Ecuador Foreign Ministry

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The children, siglos 3 y 5, fueron "finally reunited with their family on April 17," according to a statement released this week by Ecuador’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility. "The Foreign Ministry ratif...

Sobre 100 killed in bloody Ecuador prison massacre

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Sobre 100 people have died in a prison massacre that erupted yesterday in Ecuador, the country's prison agency said Wednesday. Por lo menos 52 people were injured, it also said. The death toll represents a significant ...