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Student loan forgiveness divides Americans more by party and age than by education

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Americans' attitudes toward student debt relief are sharply divided along partisan and generational lines, programas de votación -- with far less of a divide between those who have a college degree and those without one. ...

Andrea Mitchell wonders if SCOTUS leak means ‘Brown v. Board of Education’ could be struck down too

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"How unprecedented, en primer lugar, is the leak?" Mitchell prompted. "And the way they came down in terms of breaking precedent, ignoring stare decisis and deciding to completely overrule Roe v. Wade after 49 años." H ...

New York Times, Washington Post and others acknowledge ‘massive education losses’ of school closures

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The Times appeared to have agreed with the assessment of critics in the body of the piece, admitting that "Extended school closures appear to have done much more harm than good, and many school administrators probabl...

‘Sex Educationactor Ncuti Gatwa named as next ‘Doctor Who’ Plomo

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Ncuti Gatwa, who is best known for his performance in Netflix's "Sex Education," will replace Jodie Whittaker as the next lead in "Médico que," the BBC announced Sunday. "There aren't quite the words to describe how...

NJ Board of Education refuses to review controversial sex education curriculum for young students

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The guidelines, which were approved by the board roughly two years ago during the height of the pandemic, have only recently come under fire for its requirements that students as young as seven years old will be taug... designed a bizarre Mercedes-Benz to support STEAM education

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The WILL.I.AMG features an entirely redesigned body with two suicide style doors and a blunt front end inspired by the Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV, with round headlights and a vertical rectangular grille replacing the ...

From CRT to gender ideology education, the left keeps coming for our kids

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Avance rápido hasta hoy, the radical left has thrown down the gauntlet as their crusade to come for our kids has grown louder and they’ve declared our children communal property. Presidente Biden, speaking to teachers a...

Twitter users blast NPR, Randi Weingarten over poll suggesting parents ‘satisfied’ with child’s education

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"A national poll finds that parents across the political spectrum are satisfied with their children's schools and feel well-informed about controversial topics — in contrast to the messaging of a small minority clamo...

Randi Weingarten says Republicans ‘just don’t want public schoolsin debate over education

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MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin opened the conversation by suggesting Republicans are hoping to install speech codes in public schools and "ransack" local libraries, and use the power of the state "to punish any individua...

abusador de niños trans de california. Times columnist: Parental rights in education laws ‘puritanical anti-sex, anti-birth-control, anti-woman’

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According to columnist Robin Abcarian, "ellos [niños] are sexually active" and GOP lawmakers have no right to prevent their sex ed at a young age. Abcarian began her column with the question, "Why is the GOP so he...

The gloves are now off of Biden’s quiet education radicalism

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Yet it still found time to assail public charter schools, denounce state tests as an attack on public schools, and give a vast new taxpayer handout to those who have borrowed federal funds to attend college. WISCONSI...

Reps. Michael Waltz pens children’s book to combat liberal agenda: ‘We need to take our kids’ education back’

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"I wrote the book because in the wake of what we've seen with COVID and COVID lockdowns exposing so much of the garbage that's now being taught to our kids, in the wake of what we saw with the backlash in Virginia, w ...

Big Tech ‘censoredAir Force veteran who shared story of rising from poverty to a college education

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"It's hard work, but you can do it," Air Force veteran Gretchen Smith told Fox News. "You can manage your money, no matter how small of a pot it is, you can manage it. You can pay off your debt, and you can learn les...

Department of Education ‘waging war’ on charter schools with new regulations, school choice advocate says

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The rule would tighten requirements on charter schools seeking seed money, like proving that there's a demand for a new school and showing how they would ensure diversity. There would also be restrictions on how much...

Book bans move to center stage in the red-state education wars

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The escalating red-state efforts to ban more books mark a new stage in the struggle to control the educational experience of America's kaleidoscopically diverse younger generations. Ya que 2021, more than a dozen Rep...

Sean Hannity: This is what’s really in Florida’s education law

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SEAN HANNITY: The worsening crisis both at home and abroad, Democrats and their media mob allies, they're desperate to distract you in any way they possibly can and desperate to gin up more phony outrage and more lie...

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