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Why this congresswoman is freezing her eggs her first year in office

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When Rep. Sara Jacobs was in her late 20s, she decided she wanted time to create a family, so she made the decision to one day freeze her eggs. But then life overtook her plans as she embarked on a demanding career,...

‘Bachelor Pad’ alum Erica Rose recalls ‘abusive’ bikini challenge involving men hurling eggs at women

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The 38-year-old has appeared in numerous reality TV series, from the ABC dating competition series formerly hosted by Chris Harrison, to VH1's "You're Cut Off," "Dr. Phil," "Married to Medicine Houston" and, most rec...

A loggerhead sea turtle was hit and killed by a car in Florida. Researchers saved dozens of her eggs

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A large loggerhead sea turtle was killed when she wandered onto a busy Florida highway while looking for a spot to lay her eggs. But researchers rescued 70 of her eggs intact and buried them in hopes they will hatch...

Tiffany Haddish says she might have ‘some kids out here’ after donating eggs years ago

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The 41-year-old actress recently revealed that she's preparing for motherhood by taking parenting classes with ambitions to one day adopt. When discussing her dreams of motherhood with E!'s Daily Pop, she revealed th...

Cryo-robots could help prevent catastrophic losses of IVF eggs and embryos

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(CNN Business)In vitro fertilization (IVF) has transformed millions of people's lives by helping them to have children. But leaving frozen eggs and embryos in the care of a fertility clinic involves risks — and disa...

Researchers discover a dinosaur preserved sitting on a nest of eggs with fossilized embryos, a first

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Scientists are celebrating the first discovery of a dinosaur preserved while sitting on a nest of eggs with fossilized embryos, including at least three that were visible. The oviraptorosaur fossil was uncovered fro...

California condor eggs laid at Oregon Zoo boost recovery for the endangered species

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First, California condors nearly went extinct from poaching, lead poisoning and habitat destruction. Then the California wildfires last summer threatened to devastate their recovering wild population. Now, hope is ...

Hong Kong protester gets 21 months in prison for throwing eggs as city’s judiciary comes under pressure to take hard line

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Hong Kong A 31-year-old man has been jailed for 21 months for throwing eggs at a police station, the latest tough sentence handed down by a Hong Kong court as the authorities move to clamp down on political dissent i...

A ball python laid 7 eggs at the Saint Louis Zoo, even though she hasn’t been around a male in years

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Zookeepers at the Saint Louis Zoo were surprised to see their oldest snake coiled around a clutch of freshly laid eggs because she hadn't been near a male in more than 15 years. The ball python, which has been at th...