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Cruz accuses Biden of trying to hide ‘egregious failureson border after Mayorkas bars press from tour

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"Closed press," Cruz wrote on Twitter. "Once again, Joe Biden is trying to hide his egregious failures at the border from the American people. #HidenBiden." Members of the press were allowed inside a border facility...

Fired Rochester police chief says he didn’t see anything ‘egregiousin body cam video of death of Daniel Prude

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The former police chief of Rochester, New York said Friday he didn't seen anything "egregious" or any criminal conduct from police officers when he first watched body camera video of the incident that led to the dea...

New Jersey governor calls YouTubersmassive party at ‘Jersey Shorehouse an ‘egregious display of knucklehead behavior

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy again denounced the behavior of partygoers in the state, this time citing a recent house party that drew more than 1,000 guests and resulted in eight arrests. "It was irresponsible from ...