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Golden Knightsacquisition of Eichel brings more questions

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Whenever he's back on the ice. Eichel's saga shifting to Vegas after the much-anticipated trade from Buffalo also brings questions to his new team. The Golden Knights don't know when Eichel will play again after upco...

Sabres’ Jack Eichel pleading with team to allow proper procedure on herniated disk

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Eichel, 24, has been out of action since March 2021 with a herniated disk in his neck, locked in a stalemate with Buffalo on the preferred surgery method. Eichel is steadfast in wanting to have a disk replacement, wh ...

Sabres, minus Eichel, open season with 5-1 rout of Canadiens

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Overcoming initial questions of lacking offense and leadership with deposed captain Jack Eichel’s future in Buffalo uncertain, assistant captains Kyle Okposo and Zemgus Girgensons stepped up to generate Buffalo’s fir...

Eichel refers to `disconnectwith Sabres on treating injury

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"I think the most important thing is just trying to get healthy and figure out a way to be available to play hockey next year, wherever that might be," Eichel said. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Eichel said...

SabresEichel ruled out for rest of season with neck injury

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The team said Wednesday that Eichel has a herniated disk and is expected to be healthy for the start of next season. The 24-year-old center hasn’t played since March 7. "Hy (was) playing through it," interim coach Do...