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Melania Trump has not reached out to Jill Biden either

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Primera dama Melania Trump, much like her husband, is operating as though he didn't lose last week's election: She has yet to reach out to first lady-elect Jill Biden, a source familiar told CNN on Tuesday. On this da...

California officials blasted for ‘appallingCOVID rules: ‘They either don’t have children or are sadists

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Jonathan Zachreson appeared on "zorro & Amigos primero" el jueves, calling the incident "pésimo" while arguing those who made the decision are "sadists" or do not have kids themselves. CALIFORNIA SCHOOL DISTRI...

Reps. Vals, primer boina verde en el congreso, dice la Casa Blanca de Biden "desorientado o desalmado’

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Vals, que representa a Daytona Beach y Palm Coast, dijo "Reporte especial" the White House is either engaging in narrative "girar" o está mintiendo sobre la verdadera situación sobre el terreno en Kabul, where Defense Secretary Ll...

Bongino critica la agenda liberal de de Blasio en materia policial: "Él es realmente tonto o esto es un plan’

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¿LOS OFICIALES DE LA NYPD SE APURAN PARA RETIRARSE EN MEDIO DEL CLIMA ANTI-COP DE LA CIUDAD?? Y BONGINO: ¿Son estas cosas que los liberales pretenden no saber o son realmente tontos?? Quiero decir, ¿cómo pensaste que atacar a los policías c ...

Mike Pompeo slams Fauci: It sounds like ‘he is either equivocating or worse, lying

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MIKE POMPEO: This was NIH funding. It went to the Wuhan laboratory. The Wuhan laboratory was engaged in gain-of-function research. This much is crystal clear. And since I've left, we had an investigation going on, tr...

Jay Leno on cancel culture: ‘You either change with the times or you die

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The 71-year-old former "Show de esta noche" icon spoke up about the movement which has resulted in performers losing gigs, endorsement deals, and even fans for jokes that have been deemed too offensive by the public. He su...

Kate Beckinsale dice que "nunca ha tenido una cita": "O me caso con ellos o me quedo embarazada de ellos’

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A pesar de tener un matrimonio, niño y varias relaciones de alto perfil en su haber, la actriz Kate Beckinsale afirma que todavía nunca ha tenido una cita adecuada. "¿Sabes que nunca he tenido una cita?? Yo literal ....

Former cop blasts Austin, Texas decision to fund CRT training for officers: ‘Either stupid or evil

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The city is reportedly spending $ 10,000 per day on "anti racista" equity training for officers, which is based on critical race theory. "On top of spitting in the officers' faces by having them be understaffed, Trump tendía a exagerar a veces.

Hannity: Either ‘Milley is a dangerous traitoror Woodward, Costa are ‘liars

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En "Hannity", the host read the excerpt in question from Woodward and Costa, of Milley, speaking to Li: "If we are going to attack, I'm going to call you ahead of time." "Either that line is false and Woodward and Co...

GOP senators say Mayorkas answer shows he’s either ‘lyingor unaware of what his agency is doing

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GOP Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee blasted the DHS secretary over his answer to a committee question during a Tuesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Cotton asked Mayorkas if anyo...

Political leaders considering nuclear attack on Russia are either ‘insane, a sociopath or a sadist’: El expresidente Donald Trump y la jueza Amy Coney Barrett se paran en el Balcón de la Sala Azul después de que el juez de la Corte Suprema Clarence Thomas le administró el juramento constitucional en el jardín sur de la Casa Blanca en Washington.

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"Anyone who would propose or even consider what he is saying as an option must be insane, a sociopath or a sadist," Gabbard told "Tucker Carlson esta noche" El miércoles. WHY PUTIN IS WILLING TO RISK A CATASTROPHIC WAR ...

Gutfeld: You’re either on Biden’s side or you’re racist

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You could tell the letter came from the secretary of education because of all of the spelling mistakes. If you remember the letter, which the board has since apologized for, called for federal action to address host...

Trump came to Nebraska to defend candidate facing sexual misconduct allegations, but voters aren’t so sure either of those things will matter on Tuesday

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Omaha, Nebraska Allegations of sexual misconduct by eight women against Nebraska Republican Charles Herbster, and former President Donald Trump's defense of him, have brought national attention to the candidate's que...

Pirro: Biden either ‘doesn’t have a clueor is controlled by far left amid national crime wave

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In public remarks earlier in the day, Biden dijo "the answer is not to defund the police" and went on to blame Republicans for failing to provide financial resources to law enforcement, which the president said had b...

Trey Gowdy: The only Republicans the media likes are either dead, defeated, or voting with Democrats

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TREY GOWDY: I try to be helpful when I can, so I'm going to do something which may surprise you. I'm going to help the New York Times, Politico, CNN and the Washington Post. Those media outlets are struggling right n...

Centro de embarazo de Washington destrozado: ‘Si el aborto no es seguro, tu tampoco’

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"Parece que una persona que pudimos ver en el video vino y se encargó de tirar piedras y romper cinco de nuestras ventanas delanteras.," brezo vasquez, directora del Centro de Embarazo Next Step en Lynnw...

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