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The HUGE Russia 2016 election story you probably missed

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Op Donderdag, the Biden administration imposed new sanctions on Russia for its role in actively interfering in the 2016 presidentsverkiesing. You probably heard about that. But what you likely missed was that, as pa...

GOP state legislatures move ahead with election security bills amid outrage over Georgia law

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The efforts were highlighted by Democrats as they pushed S. 1 and H.R. 1 in Congress last month -- bills that would take many elements of elections out of the hands of the states and put them under the federal govern...

Media ignores RBG objection to court-packing after hyping ‘dying wishto keep seat vacant before election

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House and Senate Democrats formally announced legislation Thursday that would increase the number of seats on the Supreme Court to 13 from the traditional nine, ostensibly turning a 6-3 conservative-majority bench to...

Biden administration confirms Russian agent shared 2016 Trump polling data as part of election interference efforts

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The Biden administration on Thursday revealed new details about Russia's extensive interference in the 2016 en 2020 US elections, including disclosing for the first time that a Russian agent who received internal p...

Georgia election official warns Biden to stop ‘liesabout voting law: ‘Someone is going to get hurt

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And once again, he claimed, it is due to "misinformation" coming from an American president. In a new Washington Post op-ed, Sterling recalled how he faced death threats and was concerned about violence as then-Presi...

Biden declares Russia threat ‘national emergency,’ lobs sanctions; 10 diplomats booted over election meddling

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Die VSA. Department of State said it is expelling 10 officials from Russia’s bilateral mission. "Vandag, we announced actions to hold the Russian Government to account for the SolarWinds intrusion, reports of bounties...

The election that voters don’t want anyone to win

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"Ongelukkig, I have to vote and choose one, but here we can't even choose the least bad because all of them are bad," sighed 30-year-old photographer Abraham Medina, explaining why he's still undecided ahead of P...

Biden lewer kommentaar oor die verkiesingswet in Georgia 'ongelooflik onverantwoordelik’ en 'gebaseer op leuens': Loeffler

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LOEFFLER: Syne [Joe Biden s’n] kommentaar was ongelooflik onverantwoordelik, omdat hy verkeerde inligting herhaal het wat deur Stacey Abrams afgekondig is, wat 'n verkeerde inligtingsveldtog vir miljoen miljoen dollar in Geo bevorder ...

Biden sê vir Georgië om 'op te knap' om sake te verloor weens nuwe verkiesingswet

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"Dit is gerusstellend om te sien dat bedrywighede en ondernemings sonder winsbejag praat oor hoe hierdie nuwe Jim Crow-wette net antiteties is teenoor wie ons is.," die president het verslaggewers Dinsdag gereed gemaak. "Daar is nog een ...

Hannity: Biden 'vul kwaadwillig aan, verdelend, rasse retoriek’ met leuens oor die verkiesingswet in Georgië

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HANNITEIT: Die eindelose haat, woede, histerie, en verkeerde inligting van Joe Biden, die media gepeupel, Demokrate, en die wakker korporatiewe lafaards bereik nuwe vlakke van ontwrigting en psigose. "[T]hy lê reguit leuens wat is ...

Voters say *this* is the biggest election problem in the country

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Amid the ongoing fight over the recently passed Georgia election law -- and the subsequent decision by Major League Baseball to pull its All-Star Game out of Atlanta this summer -- you might reasonably conclude tha...

Obama wens MLB geluk met die feit dat hy 'n standpunt inneem’ teen die verkiesingswet in Georgië, aangesien Trump 'n boikot vra

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Voormalige presidente Barack Obama en Donald Trump het die besluit van Major League Baseball om sy All-Star-wedstryd uit Atlanta te skuif, in ag geneem in reaksie op Georgië se nuwe omvattende verkiesingswet wat betekenisvol oplewer..

Feitekontrole: Trump-gesteunde kandidaat vir die verkiesingshoof in Georgië begin met 'n veldtog met valse bewerings oor 2020 verkiesing

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Washington Rep. Jody ek het, 'n Republikein, het verlede week aangekondig dat hy hom vir die minister van buitelandse sake in Georgia verkies, die staat se topverkiesingswerk. Syne 2022 veldtog is onmiddellik onderskryf deur voormalige president Donald Tru ...

How the Supreme Court laid the path for Georgia’s new election law

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Georgia's voter restrictions were dashed into law Thursday by Republicans shaken over recent election losses and lies about fraud from former President Donald Trump, yet the measures also developed against a backdro...

Michigan Republicans push for sweeping voting restrictions with new election bills

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Michigan Republicans on Wednesday introduced a package of election bills that would bring a raft of voting restrictions to the state, the latest example of GOP lawmakers working to change election laws in a battlegr...

Trump’s army takes aim at 2022 touting his election lies

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Donald Trump has set the price of admission for Republicans in the midterm elections, and probably the next presidential race: an embrace of the big lie that he was cheated out of office by a historic voter fraud op...

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