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Victor Davis Hanson: The elite class won’t be affected by their own open borders agenda

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Met 2 million new illegal aliens projected to travel across the Rio Grande in 2021, the result will be a multifaceted "ramp," Het Hanson gesê "Tucker Carlson Today." "It sure won't affect the people who engineere...

Indië se hoogste hof maak die weg oop vir vroue om die elite militêre akademie by te woon

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Nieu-Delhi Indië se hooggeregshof het 'n sperdatum vasgestel vir vroue om volgende jaar vir die eerste keer tot die land se elite verdedigingsakademie toegelaat te word, moontlik die deur oopmaak vir vroue om hooggeplaaste militas te bereik..

Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Powerful elite’ conspire with media to eliminate rivals who challenge the establishment

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TULSI GABBARD: We have a situation in our country where the powerful elite, people like Hillary Clinton and those around her, the deep state and the media, they are all colluding to destroy outsiders who they deem as...

Tottenham to host world’s first net zero carbon elite football gamebut is a carbon-neutral match possible?

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Tottenham Hotspur hopes to end Sunday's Premier League game against Chelsea on zero -- not zero goals or shots on target, but zero carbon emissions. The club is calling the match the world's first elite net zero car...

Rose McGowan ondersteun Nicki Minaj om op te staan ​​teen 'magtige elite'’ te midde van Withuis-drama

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Laat Donderdag, die aktrise wat 'n aktivis geword het, het na Twitter gegaan om haar mening oor die saak te deel en die rapper toegejuig omdat hy by die "magtige elite." "Ek staan ​​saam met Nicki Minaj & almal wat sien wat gelukkig is...

Simone Biles en ander elite-gimnaste om voor die Kongres te getuig oor die FBI se Larry Nassar-ondersoek

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Washington Vier Amerikaanse gimnastieksterre sal Woensdag voor die Senaat se regskomitee getuig tydens 'n verhoor oor die FBI se hantering van die ondersoek na seksmisbruik van die voormalige Amerikaanse gimnastiekdokter Larry Nassa..

Koning enkel: Dressel sluit aan by die elite -klub met 'n skitterende Olimpiese Spele

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Slaaplose nagte. Byna geen eetlus nie. 'N Virtuele kokon van 'n Olimpiese Spele, van sy vrou afgesny, familie en vriende terug in Florida. Tog, op die ou end, dit was heeltemal die moeite werd. Aankoms in Tokio as een van die speletjies..

Caeleb Dressel joins elite club with 5th Olympic gold medal

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The American star won his fifth gold medal of the Tokyo Games, finishing off one of the great performances in Olympic history. He joins an elite club of just four other swimmers ever with at least five gold medals at...

Greg Gutfeld: Being an adult is hard, and the elite activist class prefers it that way

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According to a new survey of 2,000 recent grads, 81% of them wish they were taught more life skills before graduating. Apparently demanding an end to misgendering non-binary students in the geology department wasn’t...

Why the media elite, captured by the Left, are alienating both sides

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Left-wing and right-wing warriors paint our society as hurtling toward hell, each blaming the other side as an existential threat to America. Since liberals now control the White House and Congress, you might expect ...

Sy. Ron Johnson rails against DC statehood as power grab for the ‘elite group of people here

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In addition to the constitutional concerns and political ramifications of admitting a new overwhelmingly blue state to the union, Johnson implied the Senate should be wary of Washingtonians who "have a vested interes...

Brad Paisley says it’s ‘patrioticto get the coronavirus vaccine, blames ‘Hollywood elitefor hesitancy

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The country singer appeared on MSNBC’s "Sperdatum" alongside Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss vaccine hesitancy and his role as a country singer to address an audience that is seemingly exhibiting hesitancy. Die "Whiskey ...

Parents of NYC elite prep school fuming over sex-ed classes for 1st graders

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The prep-school's "health and wellness" educator Justine Ang Fonte, who last month hosted a controversial and explicit "porn literacy" workshop at another elite institution, reportedly showed 6-year-olds a video of a...

Lara Logan: The ‘tyrannical elite’ are using smart technology to surveil the ‘monitored class’

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LOGAN: Dit [Big Tech surveillance] is worse. I can honestly tell you that with everything in me it is much, much worse than anybody realizes. Most people have no idea how valuable our information is. They think well, ...

NYC dad pens scathing letter to elite school over race-focused curriculum: We ‘see the writing on the wall

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Andrew Gutman: It was hard and it wasn’t hard, om eerlik te wees. It was such an obvious decision in the end. You saw this creep into the school a little bit through the seven years we were there but there was just a big ...

Super League to amend plans for elite tournament after UK teams say they won’t participate

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The architects of the European Super League appeared to strike a defiant tone Tuesday, promising to "reshape the project" following the withdrawal of all six English clubs from the controversial breakaway competitio...

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