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Victor Davis Hanson: Recall could save California – here’s how Newsom, elites destroying once-thriving state

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True paleo-liberal governors like Pat Brown greatly expanded the welfare state. But they also believed in pushing integration and building freeways, dams, aqueducts and power plants, while preventing forest fires, di...

Greg Gutfeld: The swirling swamp mixture of media and government elites, gave us Afghanistan

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Donald Trump, Saturday: This is the greatest humiliation I’ve ever seen. Biden's botched exit in Afghanistan is the most astonishing display of gross incompetence by a nation's leader//Vietnam looks like a master cla...

COVID science perverted by elites for ideological and financial gain: Victor Davis Hanson

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HANSON: I think we’re watching the legacy of the people who put Galileo in jail. Remember they said that the earth was the center of the universe and solar system, and Galileo was a nut for saying planets revolved ar...

Ingraham: Leftist elites are ‘puppets of Beijing’, scared to upset China

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INGRAHAM: It’s past time to face the truth, our elites have been bought off by China.  The Left, the entertainment industry, academia, Wall Street and Big Tech, Hollywood--all of them. For all intents and purposes, o...

India is churning out wealthy tech elites. Now they need to start making money

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New Delhi (CNN Business)This time last year, Indian entrepreneurs were in panic mode. The government had locked down the country's entire population in a dramatic step to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Company foun...

‘Coastal Elites’ vents about Trump, while raising the bar on quarantine TV

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"Coastal Elites" wears its heart on its political sleeve, and the disdain for President Trump and all that he represents in this HBO special is searing and palpable. Yet while the five monologues presented don't see...