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NJ GOP gov candidate Jack Ciattarelli rips ‘tone deaf elitistPhil Murphy as polls narrow

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Ciattarelli told "Hannity" that despite about a 10-point polling deficit, he predicts the polls will continue to narrow as November 2 approaches in the Garden State – pointing out that despite its liberal bent, the s...

Top PA Republican calls out Biden, ‘elitist environmentalistsover at least 1,000 lost steel jobs

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Alla fine del mese scorso, Pittsburgh-based United States Steel Corp. said that it is canceling the project to bring a state-of-the-art improvement to its Mon Valley Works operations in western Pennsylvania, citing the fact th...

Tucker Carlson: Elitist Democrats want you to shut up and obey

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The city of San Francisco, took the rules so seriously that a city health agent shot a man who refused to wear a mask—he hit the two bystanders who happened to be standing behind the man. That seemed a bit much to so...