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Elliot Page posts impressive six pack on Instagram

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We see you thirst trapping, Elliot Page! El actor, who uses the pronouns his/they, posted a shirtless selfie Sunday showing off a burgeoning six pack. "Oh good my new phone works," the caption reads. Last year th...

Elliot Page shares joyful ‘first swim trunks’ Foto

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Elliot Page has shared a photo of a milestone moment since revealing details of his "life changing" cirugía. The Oscar-nominated star posted a shirtless picture of himself spending a joyful moment by the pool to In...

Elliot Page releases happy tears in Oprah Winfrey interview about coming out as transgender

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In a clip ahead of the interview, which airs on April 30 on Apple TV+, Page, 34, discusses the highs and lows of his journey. He first came out as a transgender man publicly in December 2020 en Twitter. "All of the t...

Elliot Page cries ‘tears of joyin Oprah interview

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Elliot Page is comfortable in his skin. In an on-camera interview with Oprah Winfrey for Apple TV+, the actor's first since disclosing that he is transgender, Page talks about his trailblazing decision and the "joy...

Elliot Page, Laverne Cox and others show diversity in Hollywood is about more than race

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Una versión de esta historia apareció en el boletín de noticias Pop Life Chronicles de CNN.. Para tenerlo en tu bandeja de entrada, Regístrate gratis aquí. Díganos qué le gustaría ver más en el boletín de noticias en ....

Elliot Page, ‘Juno’ estrella, shares transgender identity

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Meet Elliot Page. El martes, the Oscar-nominated star of movies like "Juno" y "X Men: Days of Future Past" shared with fans that they are transgender and identify as non-binary, a term used to describe a person ...