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Why ending pandemic lockdowns created new shortages of ketchup and everything else

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Una versione di questa storia è apparsa nella newsletter What Matters della CNN. Per ottenerlo nella tua casella di posta, iscriviti gratuitamente qui. There have been numerous stories in recent days about problems with the supply chain as the economy...

He adopted a dog that no one else wanted. It ended up saving his life

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Vuoi più ispirazione, notizie positive? Iscriviti a The Good Stuff, una newsletter per il bene della vita. Illuminerà la tua casella di posta ogni sabato mattina. They say a dog is a man's best friend. For one New Jersey ma...

This Republican governor’s explanation for why he won’t issue a mask mandate is, uh, something else

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As Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths surge across the Midwest and Plains, many Republican governors who had previously opposed a statewide mask mandate have reversed course as they seek to mitigate the rap...

Un istruttore di palestra esposto 50 atleti al Covid-19, ma nessun altro si è ammalato a causa di una riprogettazione della ventilazione

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Il proprietario di una palestra della Virginia ha pensato di avere uno scenario da incubo tra le mani quando l'ha saputo 50 gli atleti erano potenzialmente esposti alle particelle di Covid-19 da uno degli allenatori della palestra. Ma non un singolo membro è finito c ...

Donald Trump just admitted what everyone else already knows about the 2020 elezione

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What the last four years have proven is that if you listen closely enough to President Donald Trump, he often accidentally reveals a deeper truth about his time in the White House -- and his campaign for a second te...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg will become the first woman to lie in state in the US Capitol. Here’s who else made history

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still making history, even after her death. Ginsburg, who died last Friday due to complications of metastatic pancreas cancer, will become the first woman to lie in state...