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Dubai sheikh still chasing elusive Kentucky Derby victory

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Getting his hands on the gold winner’s trophy on the first Saturday in May has been a decades-long quest for Godolphin founder Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, prime minister and a vice president of the heredit...

Shohei Ono: Judo’s elusive star dominates another Olympics

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These were not small tears, o. Loud, body-shaking sobs emanated from the men who had to walk behind Ono in defeat through the otherwise hushed halls of the Budokan, giving voice to the anguish of extraordinary a...

Brian Laundrie cerca: La polizia di North Port sotto tiro mentre la persona di interesse di Gabby Petito rimane sfuggente

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Poiché l'attuale posizione di Laundrie rimane sconosciuta, i poster sono apparsi sui social media chiedendo in primo luogo come il 23enne sia sfuggito alla sorveglianza della polizia. "È difficile da credere, che con TUTTI i...

Israel strikes Gaza tunnels as truce efforts remain elusive

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Israel has said it will press on for now with its attacks against Hamas, the militant group that rules Gaza, and the United States signaled it would not pressure the two sides for a cease-fire even as President Joe B...

Even on easier Ocean Course, low scores elusive at PGA

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Moving day at the PGA Championship? It could have been, but the leaderboard was mostly static. Rickie Fowler, who teed off almost four hours before the final group of Phil Mickelson and Louis Oosthuizen, shot a 3-und...

Chambers Bay back in USGA rotation; Open may remain elusive

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Considering his everyday job involves hiking around some of the finest golf courses, Greiner knows what ingredients make a quality setup for the best golfers in the world. "The views are great. Greens were good. It w...