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Jenn Sterger shades ‘bully’ Adam Schefter after email controversy

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Sterger recalled the 2010 Brett Favre scandal in which she allegedly received inappropriate photos from the then-Jets quarterback, and pointed to Schefter’s reporting on the situation. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS CALA DEPORTIVA..

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona worried about getting teachers behind new ‘wokecurriculum in email

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Cardona made the comment as his department was tasked with creating a new high school course on "African-American, Negro, Puerto Rican, and Latino studies," which will be optional for the upcoming school year but req...

UN says email ordering staff not to call Russian war ‘invasioncame from regional office

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"It is simply not the case that staff have been instructed not to use words like ‘war’ and ‘invasion’ to describe the situation," Stéphane Dujarric, a spokesman for the secretary-general, dijo a Fox News. A ...

Youngkin demands resignations from Loudoun County School Board in wake of bombshell email

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"es indignante," Youngkin le dijo a Fox News el sábado. He said the email "simplemente confirma lo que sabemos, que es que tuvimos administradores en una junta escolar que han estado encubriendo esto. quiero decir, they tried to hide it f...

DeMaurice Smith: El escándalo del correo electrónico de Jon Gruden confirma la "lucha contra el racismo"’ no ha terminado

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Smith recurrió a Twitter para decir las palabras de Gruden y la reacción a la controversia fue más acerca de cómo las personas negras en general son tratadas de una manera menor que todos los demás.. "El correo electrónico de Jon Gruden, y algunos de ...

Nigerian entrepreneur Obinwanne Okeke jailed for 10 years in $11m email scam

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Celebrated Nigerian entrepreneur Obinwanne Okeke has been jailed for 10 years by a US federal court for masterminding an $ 11 million cyber fraud on a British company. The court heard that "through subterfuge an...

US officials show solidarity after Kyiv meeting; Hunter email warns Beau’s widow to get HIV test

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MAYORKAS UNDER FIRE - Top House Republicans are doubling down on their criticism of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as the border crisis escalates. Continue reading … RALLIES AGAINST EXECUTION - People...

Juez gobierna enero 6 el comité puede obtener datos de correo electrónico de la campaña RNC y Trump

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Un juez federal ha decidido permitir que el Comité Selecto de la Cámara que investiga la insurrección de Capitol Hill obtenga los datos de correo electrónico de marketing del Comité Nacional Republicano hasta enero. 6, 2021. La decisión...

Federal judge says Yale Law students who disrupted free speech panel should be ‘noted’: Email

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"The latest events at Yale Law School, in which students attempted to shout down speakers participating in a panel discussion on free speech, prompt me to suggest that students who are identified as those willing to ...

Trump administration secretly obtained CNN reporter’s phone and email records

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Washington The Trump administration secretly sought and obtained the 2017 phone and email records of a CNN correspondent, the latest instance where federal prosecutors have taken aggressive steps targeting journalist...

UCLA moves classes online for a day due to ‘concerning email and posting

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All classes at the University of California at Los Angeles will be held remotely Tuesday due to "threats sent to some members of our community," the university tweeted late Monday. Por lo menos 9 HBCUs get bomb thr...

Asaltantes’ Jon Gruden rechaza la controversia del correo electrónico: "No soy racista’

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Se le preguntó a Gruden sobre el correo electrónico varias veces durante su conferencia de prensa posterior al juego después de la derrota del equipo ante los Chicago Bears.. Dijo que no iba a pasar toda la noche hablando de eso.. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS SP ...

Andre Rison says Jon Gruden is ‘not a racist’ amid leaked email scandal

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Rison told TMZ Sports that despite the number of Gruden’s emails that showed he used racist, homophobic and misogynistic language, he is confident in sticking up for his former head coach. Rison played under Gruden f...

S t. El director de salud de Louis le dice al personal que ignore el "margen lunático" de COVID-19 en el correo electrónico: reporte

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El St. Louis Post-Dispatch informó que obtuvo el correo electrónico del martes de Khan a los empleados del departamento.. Su correo electrónico elogió a los empleados por sus esfuerzos durante la pandemia., y les instó a "ignora el...

Jon Gruden’s brother stands by him in the wake of email scandal: ‘He’ll bounce back in a big way

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During a radio appearance with WTEM radio on Tuesday, Jay Gruden spoke about his brother’s resignation as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders in the wake of reports exposing racist, misógino, and homophobic remar...

University of Cincinnati is looking into an instructor that referred to Covid-19 as the ‘Chinese virusin an email to student

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A University of Cincinnati dean is investigating an email in which an instructor told a quarantined student who had to miss class that those "testing positive for the chinese virus" would not receive a grade. Evan S...

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