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Laura Ingraham: When embraced, liberal policies bring misery for everyone

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Durante años, Republicans essentially just wrote off California as they had New York and New England states — not going to worry about campaigning there — can't win there, derecho? For the presidential. Nosotros...

Conway: Pennsylvania primary GOP bids embraced Trump while Democrats shunned Biden

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With the GOP Senate primary too close to call as of press time, all three front-runners sought out Trump's endorsement or ran as a Trumpian Republican, Conway said on "Hannity." The same was true for many in the gove...

How golfers embraced fitness training and ‘learned to lovethe gym

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Trevor Anderson calls it a "lightbulb" moment for Jordan Spieth. Anderson, a performance coach with 27 years' experience, was guiding the three-time major winner through a series of exercises for a photoshoot back i...

Ingraham: DeSantis has embraced policies that once seemed unthinkable

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Today The New York Times grudgingly conceded that Gov. DeSantis has governed "with remarkable effect, embracing policies that once seemed unthinkable." But he's been under relentless assault by the pr...

‘Gilligan’s Island’ star Dawn Wells ‘embraced her character Mary Ann,’ pal says: ‘She adored her fans’

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"That’s the easiest question," TV producer Lloyd J. Schwartz told Fox News Digital. "Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann, got five times the fan mail than everybody else. "She was the only normal person in the show," la...

Huckabee: Biden and Harris ’embraced symbolism over substance

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CASA BLANCA: BIDEN PLANS TO RUN FOR REELECTION WITH HARRIS IN 2024 MIKE HUCKABEE: Por último, people elect you because they think you can do a job that will make your lives better, not because you’re going to be into...

Princess Diana was once embraced by Princess Margaret until ‘the guillotine came down’ with tell-all: libro

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El martes, Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton told People magazine that at first, Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister saw "a kindred spirit" in Diana, who struggled to fit in. The 68-year-old recently wrote a new book...

Rihanna’s call to support Indian farmers quickly embraced by other celebrities

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Rihanna's advocacy for farmers in India has caught the attention of many around the world, including the Indian government. El martes, the Barbados-born superstar asked her 100 Maksim Chmerkovskiy dice que está intentando salir de Ucrania, "Why aren't we tal...