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Brandon Judd sounds alarm on unvaccinated migrants: Biden’s hypocrisy ‘knows no end

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DRONE FOOTAGE SHOWS THOUSANDS OF MIGRANTS UNDER BRIDGE IN DEL RIO, TEXAS AS LOCAL FACILITIES OVERWHELMED BRANDON JUDD: I can personally tell you again that when they come in our custody, we don't test them for COVID....

UCLA is gasheer vir mede-stigter van Black Lives Matter vir die begin van die hoofrede nadat sy 'n einde gevra het’ na Israel

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Cullors het gevra dat die Israelse staat beëindig word terwyl hy aan a 2015 paneel aan die Harvard Law School. Haar opmerkings het die afgelope paar dae weer opgeduik na intense botsings tussen die Israeliese weermag en die Hamas-militant..

Washington, DC, police hacked: Ransomware gang says negotiations reached ‘dead end

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The Babuk group, a Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate, said negotiation with D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department crumbled, with it rejecting a $ 100,000 betaling, and it will release sensitive information that c...

NYC reeling from violence as police group, officials ask: ‘When is this going to end?’

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A 4-year-old girl who was buying toys and two women, one of whom was a tourist, were in the area of West 44th Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan on Saturday evening when they were struck by bullets meant for some...

Queen Elizabeth ‘knows things will come right in the end’ for her family despite personal drama, bron sê

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"She has been through so many difficult times," a royal insider told People magazine on Friday. "She knows things will come right in the end." The 95-year-old’s former palace press secretary Charles Anson agreed and ...