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Meet Elizabeth Ann the ferret: The first endangered American animal to be cloned

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London Scientists have cloned an endangered US animal for the first time, creating a black-footed ferret named Elizabeth Ann from the frozen cells of an ancestor in a landmark achievement that boosts conservation eff...

Kondoreiers in Kalifornië wat in die Oregon-dieretuin gelê is, verhoog die herstel vir die bedreigde spesie

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Eerste, Kaliforniese kondore het amper van stropery uitgesterf, loodvergiftiging en vernietiging van habitatte. Toe het die Kaliforniese veldbrande verlede somer gedreig om hul herstellende wilde bevolking te vernietig. Nou, hoop is ...

Drie in hegtenis geneem nadat die Ganges-rivierdolfyn in Indië doodgeslaan is

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Nieu-Delhi, Die Indiese polisie in die noordelike deelstaat Uttar Pradesh in Indië het drie mense in hegtenis geneem wat na bewering betrokke was by die moord op die bedreigde dolfyn van die Ganges-rivier, nadat 'n video van die somber voorval op sosiale media gegaan het..

Highly endangered black-footed ferrets get experimental Covid-19 vaccine

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(KHN)In late summer, as researchers accelerated the first clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccines for humans, a group of scientists in Colorado worked to inoculate a far more fragile species. Oor 120 black-footed fer...

These feces-finding Fidos help save orcas and other endangered wildlife

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Barrel-chested, with the pointy ears of a much larger pooch swiveling above her mellow gaze, Eba is more than just the Very Good Dog she appears to be. She's a professional, working the prow of a moving speedboat, c ...

Critically endangered Sumatran orangutan born at Belgian animal park

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An animal park in Belgium has welcomed the arrival of a critically endangered Sumatran orangutan. The male orangutan, named Mathaï, was born on November 28 at Pairi Daiza animal park, spokesman Mathieu Goedefroy tol...

40 endangered sea turtles were brought to Florida to warm up after suffering from ‘cold stunning

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Forty critically endangered sea turtles were brought to Florida after suffering from "cold stunning" off the coast of Massachusetts. "Cold stunning" is a hypothermic reaction that occurs when sea turtles are expos...

Scientists discover new endangered primate species, met slegs 260 links

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Scientists have discovered a new primate species in the jungles of Myanmar -- and it's already at risk of extinction. The Popa langur is a type of monkey with a long tail, rings around its eyes, and a crest of fur o...

Bedreigde Loa-waterpaddas wat uit die woestyn gered is, het 200 nageslag

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'N Koppeling van kritiek bedreigde waterkikkers wat uit 'n modderige plas in die droogste woestyn van Chili gered is, het gebore 200 nageslag in die land se nasionale dieretuin, het die Chileense regering Woensdag aangekondig. Die Loa-water ...

An endangered lemur that went missing from a California zoo turned up at a church playground

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After a dramatic day in the San Francisco urban jungle, a ring-tailed lemur has been returned to the zoo from where he went missing earlier this week. And the zoo has a sprightly 5-year-old boy to thank for his safe...

Chicago church where Emmett Till’s funeral was held makes the US Most Endangered Historic Places list

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The Chicago church where Emmett Till's funeral was held has made the list of the United States' Most Endangered Historic Places for 2020. Till, 14, was brutally murdered in Mississippi in 1955 after he was accused o...

A clone of the endangered Przewalski’s horse is born of DNA saved for 40 jare

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A cloned colt born at a Texas veterinary facility could revive the endangered Przewalski's horse. The colt is a clone of a male Przewalski's horse and the first successful cloning of the species, San Diego Zoo offic...

A critically endangered baby gorilla died six days after being born at Audubon Zoo

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Just days after a New Orleans zoo celebrated the first gorilla to be born there in 24 jare, the infant has passed away. The six-day-old baby gorilla born to 13-year-old Tumani at Audubon Zoo died on Thursday. Die c ...