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7 things to make your college student’s Thanksgiving break more enjoyable

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As you prepare for your student to return home for the Thanksgiving break, you’ve probably already mapped out everything you want to do during their visit. sin embargo, you have to realize the past few months may have be...

Joe Rogan defends ‘friendSanjay Gupta following heated podcast exchanges: We had an ‘enjoyable conversation

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Multiple exchanges from the 3-hour interview last week emerged on social media, including Rogan's grilling of Gupta over his network's coverage of his use of ivermectin, a drug that was prescribed by his doctor amid ...

Taliban take control of Kabul airport, celebrate ‘enjoyable moment of victory’

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"The world should have learned its lesson and this is the enjoyable moment of victory," Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman, said in a livestream video, según Associated Press. He spoke to reporters ...