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Monkeys change ‘accentswhen under social and environmental pressure

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If you've ever changed your behavior due to social pressure, it appears you're not alone. Monkeys entering the territory of a different species adapt their primate calls to help them better understand one another,...

Judge allows Dakota Access pipeline to continue operating during environmental review

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A federal judge on Friday allowed the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline to continue operating, concluding he did not have the authority to side with a tribal request to shut it down while the Biden administration...

Vogue piece ripped as ‘completely insanefor calling childbearing ‘environmental vandalism

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In her piece, writer Nell Frizzell shares some of the concerning thoughts that ran through her mind before she decided to have a child. "Before I got pregnant, I worried feverishly about the strain on the earth’s res...

Biden administration will not shut down Dakota Access Pipeline during environmental review, DOJ lawyer tells court

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The Biden administration will not shut down the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline while an environmental review is conducted, a blow to the environmental and tribal groups that have rallied against the project fo...

Biden puts Trump’s climate and environmental rollbacks in his crosshairs

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Among incoming President Joe Biden's Day One priorities: Begin rolling back climate and environmental policies of the Trump administration, many of which were rollbacks of Obama-era or earlier rules. Biden's advis...

The world’s top environmental organizations are still predominantly White, vind 'n nuwe verslag

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The movement for a cleaner, greener world has grown increasingly popular as the climate crisis has worsened, and organizations such as Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund, now household names, have raised millions to...

Hondurese inheemse omgewingsaktivis vermoor voor die gesin

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras Gemaskerde mans gewapen met gewere en kapmesse het 'n Hondurese omgewingsaktivis voor sy gesin doodgemaak, het die polisie Maandag gesê, die nuutste in 'n reeks sulke aanvalle in die Sentraal-Amerikaanse land..

Biden verwag om Noord-Carolina se omgewingsbeampte aan te stel om EPA te bestuur

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Die verkose president Joe Biden is van plan om Michael Regan van Noord-Carolina aan te stel om die Environmental Protection Agency te bestuur, twee mense wat vertroud is met die saak, vertel dit aan CNN. Regan, wat die departement van Noord-Carolina bestuur..

Trump to tout ‘environmental accomplishmentsafter dismantling key protections

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Washington President Donald Trump travels to battleground Florida Tuesday for an event touting his environmental accomplishments, even as his administration has worked extensively to dismantle key environmental prote...