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COPS can’t tell you how to live in latest Fox Nation episode

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In the newest episode from Season 33 de "Policías" on Fox Nation, law enforcement officers face situations that could have been avoided by the suspects involved. One woman calls for help after her ex-husband threatened t...

Britney Spears 'consciente’ de "Dancing With the Stars’ episodio de tributo: reporte

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Una fuente le dijo exclusivamente a Page Six que Spears, 39, es "consciente" del "Britney noche" episodio de tributo. No esta claro, sin embargo, si podrá verlo bajo su tutela. Durante el programa del lunes, la 14 rema ...

Fox Nation teases upcoming ‘COPS’ Temporada 33 debut with free episode

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The free episode, the second installment of the series, features a determined quad driver who attempts to outrun police. Also featured is a deputy who has doubts about a man's professed distrust of banks; and a man w...

Spike Lee reeditó el episodio final de su serie documental del 11 de septiembre después de la reacción violenta de la conspiración

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El cineasta nacido en Brooklyn enfrentó cierta controversia luego de que revelara en una entrevista reciente que sus cuatro partes, serie documental de ocho horas "Epicentros de la ciudad de Nueva York 9 / 11➔2021½" explorará algunas teorías de conspiración circundantes..

Phillies minor leaguer suffers scary medical episode during game: ‘He needs a lot of prayers

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Daniel Brito, 23, collapsed during a game between his Lehigh Valley IronPigs and the Rochester Red Wings in Rochester, Nueva York. Brito suffered the medical issue during the first inning of the game, de acuerdo con la ...

"Loki’ is again up to its time-killing tricks in the fifth episode

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The following contains spoilers about the fifth episode of "Loki" en Disney +. The penultimate episode of "Loki" began with the main Loki blustering that he had "several thousand questions" for the new variants that ...

Chinese whistleblower exposes COVID-19’s origins on ‘Tucker Carlson Today’sbiggest episode yet

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Virologist and medical doctor Li-Meng Yan told Carlson that according to I-94 records, her husband has entered the United States with an HB-1 visa for two years and may be planning to harm her with the assistance of ...

"Loki’ pulls back the curtain a little more in its wildest episode yet

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The following contains spoilers about the fourth episode of Marvel's "Loki." After a third episode that at times seemed to be running in place, "Loki" finally pulled back the curtain -- in almost "mago de Oz"-me gusta...

Firefighter helps veteran suffering from PTSD episode on airplane

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The captain of a South Carolina fire department helped calm a fellow airplane passenger down who was in distress. Según informes, the other passenger was a veteran who was suffering from a PTSD crisis. ...

"Loki’ reveals that the Marvel villain is the MCU’s first openly bisexual character in latest episode

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On the latest episode of the Disney Plus series "Loki," Tom Hiddleston’s titular god of mischief confirms what had been long established in the pages of Marvel comics, that he is bisexual (o, just as likely, pansexu...

‘Deadliest Catchcast reacts to the death of Nick McGlashan in emotional tribute episode

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McGlashan, known as a deck boss on the Summer Bay and a loyal crew member under Capt. "Wild" Bill Wichrowski, murió a la edad 33 in December in Nashville, Tenn. of a drug overdose. He appeared in more than 78 episodes of...

La estrella de "Friends", Matthew Perry, recuerda haber sentido que "iba a morir" mientras filmaba cada episodio

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El actor de 51 años admitió tanto durante la reunión del elenco de la serie que a menudo sentía que era "va a morir" mientras interpretaba el papel de Chandler Bing en la amada comedia de situación debido al hecho de que el programa era ...

'Sábado noche en directo’ hits ratings low in first episode after Elon Musk’s high-profile hosting gig

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The SpaceX and Tesla founder being tapped for the coveted hosting position sparked controversy among both viewers and cast members, many of whom felt the show was celebrating a man for his exorbitant wealth in a time...

Paula Deen cooks biscuits and bacon in special episode of ‘At Home

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The celebrity chef traveled to her hometown of Albany, Georgia to her Aunt Peggy’s house to cook a special Mother’s Day meal for her aunt and friend Susan "Bubbles" Verde, both of whom Deen said were key supporters o...

Morrissey slams ‘The Simpsonsafter latest episode parodies him as a ‘huge racist

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Sunday's episode, noble "Panic On The Streets Of Springfield," sees 8-year-old Lisa Simpson become enamored by a British singer from the 1980s, voiced by guest star Benedict Cumberbatch with lyrics by "Flight of the...

The cast of ‘ERwill reunite for special ‘Stars In The House’ episodio

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sí, Dr. Doug Ross will be there. El elenco de "ER" will reunite on "Stars In The House" for a special Earth Day episode for Waterkeeper Alliance, producers Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley have announced. Waterkeeper ...

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