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Bill Maher schools Whoopi Goldberg on Black national anthem: ‘Separate but equalis out of step!

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Vroeër vandeesmaand, Maher slammed the NFL for its inclusion of "Lig elke stem op en sing," suggesting that while he's open to a new anthem for the U.S., playing the Black national anthem alongside "The Star-Spangled...

Nikole Hannah-Jones said Cuba is among ‘most equalcountries because of socialism

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In 'n 2019 podcast with Ezra Klein of Vox and The New York Times, Hannah-Jones was asked whether there were candidates or places that she thought had a "viable and sufficiently ambitious integration agenda." Hannah-Jo...

Country music pioneer Linda Martell honored with CMT Equal Play Award

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Martell received the CMT Equal Play Award at Wednesday night's show. Mickey Guyton, who this year became the first solo Black woman nominated for a country Grammy award, presented the honor to Martell, while Black a...

Biden administration stresses need for ‘equalpeace between Israel, Palestinians

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The two nations agreed to an unconditional cease-fire following 11 days of fighting that led to intense international scrutiny and criticism of the response by Israel. Critics – both foreign and domestic – have ques...

Robert Lewandowski scores 40th Bundesliga goal of the season to equal Gerd Müller’s record

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Robert Lewandowski equaled the Bundesliga record of 40 goals in a season during Bayern Munich's 2-2 draw against SC Freiburg. His first-half penalty drew him level with Gerd Müller's tally set in the 1971/72 seisoen,...

Coons breek met Pelosi in die ondersteuning van gelyke verteenwoordiging om Capitol-aanval te ondersoek

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Washington Demokratiese Sen. Chris Coons het Donderdag aangevoer dat die verteenwoordiging in die onafhanklike kommissie om Januarie te ondersoek 6 oproer by die Amerikaanse Capitol moet eweredig verdeel word onder Demokrate en Republikeine, ...